During the last week, I’ve maybe spent a total of an hour on this game so I didn’t make allot of progress. I did some exploring with Bowser, got zapped by the Mushroom Kingdom security system (I think) and then managed to somehow get out of Bowsers body with Mario and Luigi trough one of the pipes he inhaled. It seems these pipes are really technical, because I have no idea how that worked. Anyway, after doing that I also did some exploring with the bros. and managed to get a new item – the blue shell. This allows me to access areas I couldn’t before so I expect some overusing of the new ability for the next hour or two of gameplay.

Not much train riding lately, so not much DS gameplay either. I managed to rescue the princess but then she got beamed out of Bowser’s body by Fawfull. That’s basically all that happened. It did take a while for me to save the princess though. I had to answer allot of quiz questions correctly and kill a boss in the end. This means Mario and Luigi gained a few levels, and their rank has risen to, so they can both carry 3 different equipment pieces now.

I had lots of traveling to do during exams, so I was stuck in a train for 3 hours a day for the past 2 weeks. I had nothing else to do, so I decided to start a new DS game. I don’t think I got very far, but for now, I like it. It’s a Super Mario RPG style game that makes use of the DS capabilities. I’m at the point where Bowser got really fat, so Mario and Luigi used the opportunity to look for the princess inside his fatty areas. I needed to answer a few questions about Bowser correctly in order to continue, but the game froze on my, so I decided to stop there. I will probably be playing this one when I don’t have access to my computer for some reason so I won’t complete it any time soon, but I definitely plan to keep playing it.