Over the last couple of days, I haven’t really progressed in any game. The reasons are twofold.

World of Warcraft

I got 7 free game days to try out the new patch and maybe get hooked again. The gist of it is, I didn’t. I installed the patch, tried out the game, even talked to my old guild, but the magic just isn’t there. I might, just might, get the expansion in a couple of months to level the monk, but other than that, it seems there’s no addiction to speak of.


I started a Tekkit survival server with a friend and we have been playing the game a lot over the last few days. Tekkit is an excellent set of mods with plenty of things to discover. There’s really no point to write about this, though. Minecraft is a great game for let’s play videos, but there’s not much I can do with it when it comes to writing. Maybe someone else could, but I don’t have any ideas. In any case, that’s where most of my free time was spent recently.

This is a very strange, but interesting game. Basically, it’s a survival game. The world is generated randomly and you start at a random location in it. During the day, everything is great, but at night the monsters come. This is way you need to find some coal fast to make torches and build yourself a shelter. After you survive the first night, the game basically turns into a series of exploration, mining and building parts. On my first two tries it didn’t really go that well because I couldn’t find the coal fast enough and I didn’t know how monsters behave yet. On my third try, it really went great and I’ve been playing that world ever since. I explored a bunch of caves and built a very nice home for myself.
I’ve also built something like a lighthouse on top of the cliff my home is located at. That way, I can find my way to my house easier if I get lost. During my exploration, I also managed to find  a diamond vein, but I already depleted everything I mined from that. I do have a nice supply of gold, coal and iron so I won’t run out of those any time soon.
Most of my house is built out of glass and stone, and right now I’m trying to decorate the surroundings. My top floor is on top of a glass structure and has waterfalls coming out of all sides, so it looks really nice. I might post some screenshots later.
In any case, this is an extremely open ended game with no fixed goals so it cannot be completed. I do however plan to have lots of fun with it. Definitely worth the 10€ I paid for it.