I woke up early this morning for some reason, so I’ve been playing Mario some more. I managed to clear World 7 and find all the hidden passages in World 8. All I need to do now is get all the star coins from World 8. Easier said than done.

EDIT: Notice the subtle change in the completed games list. That’s right, boys and girls, World 8 is now cleared of star coins, and New Super Mario Brothers is 100% complete. Now, how should I celebrate this? I know! I’ll play another game!

EDIT2: I solved a few more Final Fantasy quests. The story didn’t advance, but I completed a side quest group. My main character is 2 skills away from becoming a ninja, which he will continue to be, until the Parivir job is available. I don’t really know what to do with my Moogle. He learned all the Thief and Juggler skills, so he doesn’t really have anything to do right now. I will keep him as a Juggler tough, because I think the class has superior stat growth compared to the Thief.

Another few hours invested. I advanced the story, and solved a few side quests. I think it’s about time to start planning my endgame party, so I trained a Viera Archer/Sniper, and a Nu’Mou Sage. My main character is currently a Paladin/Fighter, but right now he’s training as a Thief to unlock the Ninja job (so I can improve his speed and learn a few useful skills). My Summoner started learning red magic to supplement her summons. My Banga will probably be a Defender/Gladiator with a few levels in Trickster for speed. My Moogle is a classic Thief/Juggler, so he isn’t very useful in battle, but I use him for loot stealing. I’m also training a Moogle Fusilier just in case.

EDIT: I’ve collected all the star coins from the third and the fourth world of New Super Mario Brothers. I’ve also found all of the secret passages on the map (including all the cannons). I haven’t played Final Fantasy…

EDIT2: Just cleared the fifth world of New Super Mario Brothers…

EDIT3: World 6 cleared!

So after another long break, the summer has finally begun. I got a bunch of games I missed trough last year, and I’m currently catching up on TV shows I missed. I recently finished New Super Mario Brothers for the second time. Right now I’m collecting all the gold coins I missed (the first two worlds are cleared). I’m also playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, currently about 25 hours in, and nowhere near the end. I’ll try to get some work over the summer, so I can pay for my tuitions (and maybe invest in some new entertainment gadgets), but mostly, I’ll be playing games. I will also try to turn my blog in to a daily routine.

EDIT: I invested a few more hours in FFTA2. It’s really a great game. I managed to become region champion in all regions of the starting continent, and I did a few item auctions already. I got a Genji Helm, and a few other nice items. My main character is now level 36, and I’m planning to train him as a ninja for a few levels, because he’s really slow right now. I also tried Civilization Revolution for the DS. I like it, but it could have been better. I really hate the constant animation stuttering. It’s pretty obvious that the DS wasn’t the primary platform.