So I took the elven city, went to the Empire arena to get the blue minions, used them and the others to retrieve all pieces of the Tower Heart. I charged it up at the sanctuary and got all the mistresses. I decided to go with regular and not the ghost Fey as my last mistress. After that, I completed a side quest and then attacked the empire capital. There was a twist with the final boss, but he was easy to kill.

The ending I got was the middle one, both domination and destruction. I don’t think I will play again for the other endings as the story is pretty much the same and only the last few seconds are different. The only quest I didn’t complete was the one for killing a thousand gnomes. I just don’t feel like grinding that much.

What can I say in the end? If you like the first one, you will LOVE Overlord II. It’s just bigger, better and funnier. If you didn’t play Overlord I, do so, as the story does have something to do with the sequel. Also, it’s mostly about the humor, so you really need to play both of them. All in all, it’s an excellent game.

I played the first Overlord and I really liked it, so I decided to try this one. In my opinion, it’s everything a sequel should be – the same game with lots more stuff. There’s more to upgrade, minion mounts, new spells, new critters and more dark humor. I’ve never seen a game that makes clubbing baby seals look funny before this one.

I played the game yesterday and today and managed to get all the way to conquering Everlight, the elven city. It would be good to mention that, while you are supposed to be the bad guy, your enemies aren’t exactly good guys either, so you don’t feel bad for killing them. I will probably complete the game soon, as it’s extremely fun to play.