The fifth and final case is solved. And what a case it was! It took me the most of the day to complete it. Everyone was connected somehow. It all linked back to another, solved case from two years ago. The real murderer was the chief of police. He was blackmailing the defendant in to taking the fall for him. He almost got away due to some evidence problems, but I managed to outsmart him.

I realize now why this game is so praised. When you look at it, it doesn’t seem so interesting, but if you start playing it, you just can’t stop. The story is simple at first, but turns in to something incredibly complex as you progress. I don’t think I will be playing the sequel that soon though. It’s not a game you can play for a few minutes and stop, and that’s what I need right now.

The fourth case is solved. The defendant was none other than Miles Edgeworth, and the prosecutor was his mentor. I barely managed to defend him, and I actually had to question a parrot to accomplish this. After the case, Miles, Phoenix and Larry made up and are now best buddies again. After the case has ended I got a fake ending. The credits ran trough, and then I got another case. This one will be a toughie. The defendant already admitted to the case, and the victim is a detective.

I’ve solved the third case. An actor playing a samurai in a kids show was accused of killing the guy that plays his opponent in the same show. After three days of trial, it turns out the producer who actually is linked to the mafia killed the guy in self defense. The show was cancelled, but another show, inspired by my assistant started running instead.

Everyone was saying how this game is great, so I tried it to see what all the fuss is about. I’m not disappointed, but I’m not too impressed either. It’s a very good game, but there are better ones too. I’ve finished the first two cases, and started the third one. This is where I took a break as it is late and I will be going to bed soon.