The expansion is out, so I got it and tried to play for a bit. There are some additions, but nothing revolutionary. You get James T. Kirk style missions in the space phase now. It is fun, but I’m not sure how long it will hold me. The game will stay on my hard drive, because it’s a good way to spend some time while waiting for something.

My herbivore race of Giant Intelligent Bunnies has reached space age. I went herbivore all the way and didn’t die even once. All of my buildings have a vegetable theme and the bunnies even kind of look like bunnies.

In other news, I’ll be going to Germany tomorrow and my laptop will go to repairs, so I won’t be able to post as often. Off course, I will mostly be playing my DS.

I’ve been playing it all day yesterday and today. That’s how great it is! I’ve gained the badge of omnipotence and have met the Grox which is a super advanced race that lives in the center of the galaxy. I’m not really sure what my goal is, but I think it’s to reach the center. I guess that means I have to fight the Grox to get there, which is not going to be easy.


I bought a bunch of repair and energy packs and decided to make a run for the centre of the galaxy. It was tough, as my ship’s range was greatly reduced due to gravitational disturbances as I neared the centre. I even had to go back a few times to take a different path. In the end, though, I managed to reach the centre. There, I met an alien named Steve, who welcomed me to the company of advanced races in this universe. He also gave me the Staff of Life. This nifty item has 42 charges which is the answer to the Ultimate Question about the life, the universe and everything. When you use it on a planet, it gets filled up entirely, and thus becomes fully terraformed. It’s a useful item, but more of a gimmick than anything else, since it has limited uses. Anyway, the game Is completed now.

After completing it, I decided to start again, but this time with a peaceful, herbivore race.


I finally got it and how my god how great it is! I’ve played most of the day, with a short break when I watched my friend play. I got all the way to space phase, being a predator all the way. The first epic creature I managed to kill was in tribe phase. The civilization phase was probably the easiest with me not loosing even a single unit. Anyway, I’m off to continue playing.