I had a Starcraft II marathon yesterday. After doing some WoW stuff I started playing and didn’t stop until the game was finished around midnight. It took me a while, but it was completely worth it. The story and the presentation is amazing, and even through the campaign, I can tell that there could be some awesome skirmishes later on.

Sadly, since it’s a pirated version, I can’t get any achievements or play proper multiplayer. It’s probably better that way. I can save those for when I buy the real thing. Sadly, since college is getting closer and I will be extremely busy, that probably won’t happen before next year. Still, I can’t wait.

I didn’t buy it yet, but after clearing the first five campaign missions, I decided I will eventually. I’m completely broke right now, though, so it will have to wait a while. In any case, the game is awesome. The story is interesting, and the campaign is even more interesting. You can choose between multiple missions and earn credits after completing them. The credits can then be used to buy upgrades for your units or hire mercenaries. Also, some missions contain sub-objectives which grant you Zerg or Protoss research points which you can then use for unique upgrades or units for your team. Right now I have five Zerg points and I could choose between one of two unique upgrades. One increases the Bunker hit points and another adds an automatic turret on top of the bunker. I opted for the turret because, for now, my bunkers didn’t have health problems. After completing mission five and spending some credits, I decided to take a break. I will continue further tomorrow.