I’ve gotten through all of the military missions, and I’ve finished the economy campaign. The Pig and The Wolf are dead, so my father is avenged. It’s a really great game, although not your standard RTS (which is what I like about it).

The last mission wasn’t too hard. It was one of those where I’m the one attacking, but since I could build trebuchets and catapults, I could easily destroy most of the enemies’ fortifications before they could do any harm. Since I was aware of traps this time, I lost just a few of my guys while triggering them. My swordsmen and knights took care of the leftovers. I do have the crusader expansion, but I don’t think I will play it right away, since I have other games to finish.

The Rat and The Snake have been disposed of, so I’m currently fighting The Pig. I believe I’m on mission 13 of the military campaign and it seems I’m done with about half of the missions. I’ve also completed the first three missions of the economic campaign. The game is starting to get tough.

One of the economic missions really pissed me off. The mission is to produce 12 Bows and 8 Swords before the time runs out. I’m about to complete it (I even have some swords and bows in surplus), but then bandit macemen attack me and, since I only have archers, go directly to the armory and destroy it. Mission failed!

I’ve completed most of The Rat missions, with only one of his counties left. I’m really having fun with this game. I’ve never been very aggressive in strategy games, and this one fits my play style perfectly.

Since Samurai Warriors is taking a break, I installed this one to play for the next week. I’ve already completed the first for military campaign missions. It’s a really fun game, with nice 2D graphics and a pretty good sense of humor.