Hardware issues, exams, Cataclysm released… I’m sorry to say, but this time, the only reason I haven’t been posting on this blog is because I really haven’t played anything other than WoW for ages.

Two days ago, I finally tried one new game – Super Meat Boy. It’s pretty cool and fun, extremely funny, but not something I intend to finish to fast. The levels are short and fast-paced, so the game is perfect when you have a few minutes to kill. I managed to complete one world and a few levels on the next one, but that’s about it.

Super Meat Boy Character Art

It’s Super Meat Boy!

Other than that, I played nothing, really. I tried a few games, but nothing of note or worth writing about. Since I also won’t be seriously playing anything for a while, I’m thinking about adding some other content to the blog. Maybe I will do some reviews or info on various indie games not many know about. We shall see…