Instead of Bioshock, I tried this game. This is how a PC game should be like. No bugs, no crashes, just smooth gameplay all the way. I went through the tutorials just in case something changed from the previous two games (it didn’t) and then started my first mission. I had to build an export economy based on farming, which means I was supposed to build a few farms first and then, once I get some more money, build some canneries and other factories. Since canneries can also produce canned fish, I added a few of those to the mix and the first mission was completed fast. Over the past few days, I managed to get the time to finish about five more missions and get a few achievements on the way. This is definitely a quality PC game that I recommend to any fans of this genre. I just hope I’m able to complete it before my exams start because it might otherwise affect my performance in that area, if you know what I mean.

I realized I’ve never installed this even though I have it for ages. Basically it’s Tropico, Paradise Island and a few more scenarios. I went through the tutorial and I’ve finished the first mission of the original game. Then I tried the second one, but I lost. I’ll probably play this every now and then, but not exclusively