After wasting allot of time on Viva Piñata (the games is great, but there’s no real goal in it), I decided it’s time to return to one of my previously installed games. I decided to play Wizardry 8. It’s a great game, that didn’t get the attention it deserved. It’s one of those old school Might and Magic style first person role playing games where you actually have to use your brain to advance. I haven’t played it for a long time, so it took allot of time to figure out where I am and what I need to do. I killed a few enemies, solved a few puzzles, recruited a new party member and gained a level or two. It really is a great game.

Finally, the exams are over, and I started playing games again. Sadly, I had to reformat my hard drive the other day, so not all of the old games are working now. I also installed two new ones; Viva Piñata and Space Rangers 2. I was mainly playing Space Rangers, and have only started Viva Piñata yesterday. Space Rangers is a great game, by the way (provided you’re not a graphics whore, like many people are these days). It’s a bit like Freelancer, only the camera is top down and the economy isn’t broken. I played allot of this one, and I think I’m already nearing the end of the main quest. I destroyed a faction of the Dominators called Kelleroids, upgraded my ship to the point that almost no one can touch it, and I’m now clearing the known universe of the remaining two factions.

As I said, I also tried out Viva Piñata yesterday, and I must say I like it. It’s funny, weird, fun, and a bit sick if you really think about it. I got to chapter 3, upgraded my shovel a few times, and got a few new Piñata’s. I’m off to play now, so I’ll see you later!