Again, this one was completed pretty quickly. I decided not to do the bonus campaign as it really doesn’t say anything about the story.  Other than that, there’s not really much to say about Warcraft 3. It’s a Blizzard game, so it’s great. At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say that about any Blizzard game. I can’t wait for WoW to continue the story in Cataclysm.

Since now I suddenly have lots of time on my hands, I managed to clear the Orc and the Night Elf campaign in one day. Again, it feels easier than the first time I played it, but at that time I was still new to RTS games, as my only gaming experience at that time were consoles. Anyway, since the original was done, it was time for the expansion.

I managed to complete the Scourge Campaign and I have started the Orc campaign. Also, I am trying to do all the campaigns in exact order I decided to play the bonus campaign of The Frozen Throne before starting the Orc campaign of Reign of Chaos. Currently, I’m doing the mission where the Orcs kill Cenarius. I did not try it yet, but I don’t think it will be hard, since the entire game seems much easier than the first time I played it.

Since Cataclysm is coming out, I decided to refresh my mind regarding the lore of the series. I don’t really feel like fighting with the archaic engine of the first 2 games, so I decided to read books and other stuff on those. As for the third game, I plan to complete both the original and the expansion.

For now, I completed the Prologue, the Human campaign and the first level of the Undead campaign. I will try to complete the Undead campaign tomorrow. Not much to say about the game otherwise. Everyone knows it’s great.