I got and installed this one a few days after Half-Life.

By playing an hour or so almost every day, I managed to complete it yesterday.

It’s a very nice FPS.

The game brings nothing new to the genre, but it does the tried out things very well.

I did have one problem though. It seems I was supposed to get a new power in the Hospital level which is a level about 75% into the game. However, the game didn’t advise me to get it, nor did it stop me from completing the level without getting it.

Since there are no manual saves and the game uses only one auto-save slot, I got stuck at the last boss of the game. It seems this ability was necessary here to kill the boss. Sadly, I had to edit my save game to add the ability. I added it on its base level and without any upgrades so it didn’t give me any advantage, but it still felt a bit like cheating. Sadly, the only other option I could think of was to start the game from the beginning.

I don’t think this is a common issue as I’ve been googling it and have found nothing, so I still very much recommend the game to any shooter or Wolfenstein fans.