I lied yesterday. I didn’t complete the extra, “DLC” worlds. After clearing Vanishing City and seeing the ending, I was already a bit tired of the mechanics and the same old, so I decided to call it there. I cleared one more level after that, but it’s just more of the same.

Overall, I’ve completed all of the levels of the first four worlds, including the time attack levels, got all the upgrades and basically saw the campaign in its entirety. For me, that’s enough of Xotic for now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun enough game, but it has its bad sides.

Xotic Victory Screen

I won! Yay me!

Firstly, there are clipping issues in many of the levels. I get that a low budget game is hard to test properly, but I was getting stuck far too often for comfort. Secondly, while the old school mechanics are fine, I don’t like the fact that you have to start from scratch if you die. A single save per level, or even a checkpoint system would have been preferable. In the end, I’ve completed most of the worth world on the Easy difficulty, simply because I was getting to annoyed with constantly restarting. And lastly, the weapons really aren’t as imaginative or interesting as you would expect from an FPS.

Still, overall, it’s fun and good enough to go through. I just don’t think it’s good enough to go for all of the achievements. Right now, I’m at 26/46 and I’ll probably stay there.

My gaming time will be severely reduced for the following few days, including today, due to unexpected family visitors. That is, it will be reduced compared to what I did last week. As it is right now, I’m only playing for an hour or two in the evenings.

Luckily, Xotic is a suitable game, because it allows short sessions, but can also be played for longer without many issues. It really is the basic first person shooter. The story is there, but not important, and the mechanics are rudimentary, but work well.

Xotic World Selection

I think the base game has 4 worlds, but I’m not sure.

I’ve managed to complete the entirety of world 3 and have finally unlocked world 4, Vanishing City. There’s 8 words in total, but the final one is labelled as “Coming Soon”, meaning it’s probably a future DLC, and the three before that look like some sort of DLC themselves, what with each having only three levels. This makes me think that Vanishing City might actually be the final world of the base game. We’ll see what happens tomorrow when I complete it. Whatever does happen, I’ll consider the game complete when I clear the remaining 3 short worlds. If the final one is in the DLC, I don’t intend to get it soon, so I won’t be doing that one.

Xotic is an FPS I got in one of the Groupees bundles, I believe. It’s not your regular first person shooter, though. This one is focused on breaking records, getting score and racing to the finish.

The plot is secondary to the gameplay. Basically, there’s this intelligent orb which went mad and started destroying planet after planet. You are created to fix the damage and maybe eventually deal with the orb. That’s all there is to the story, really. At least, that’s all there was to the story in the first world I’ve completed.

Xotic Screnshot

Xotic is a beautifully colorful game.

There’s a whole bunch of worlds, so I’m nowhere close to being done right now. From what I can tell, each level has several objectives. You have to kill the enemies to get the exit to appear, but you also have to collect all the items, kill all the pods and destroy all the brain orbs. For each of these done, you get extra awards and increase your score.

Each level is also worth a certain amount of experience points. You can use those to upgrade your weapons and stats between each level, meaning Xotic also has an RPG aspect to it.

I find it fun for now, but something worries me. Raptor classified me as a Hardcore Xotic player after less than an hour of playing it and getting a total of 10 achievements. This means that a lot of players probably abandon the game before the end. I’m worried that this indicates the game gets old to fast. It didn’t get old for me, though, so I’ll be playing it for the next few days, probably.