Dark Cloud – 8. To The Moon

I haven’t played anything for the past few days, but today I had a Dark Cloud marathon. I’ve been playing this game for majority of the day.  Last time I stopped playing at the Sun & Moon Temple, so this is where I’ve found myself when I started the game today.
I decided not to leave the dungeon after every level and instead to go through a few levels at a time to make things faster and less annoying. I managed to rebuild most of the city, including the house of the three sisters. Ungogo was in love in one of them so when I did this, he stopped being emo and joined my team. One of the levels after that was a Goro only level, and a few levels after that an Ungogo only level if I recall correctly. Anyway, after all this I managed to rebuild most of the city, get the keys needed to open the king’s tomb and defeated the boss which was extremely easy compared to the last one. I had to use Ungogo to beat him, but he barely did any damage to me.
I managed to start the Moon Ship and then continued to the Moon. In the process, I’ve discovered that the moon people are actually space bunnies, so that’s what I’m going to call them now. When I arrived at the moon, one of the space bunnies was waiting for me and told me he will be my guide. Five seconds later he got a call from his girlfriend and realized he forgot about their date, so he left me there.  I explored the city myself and found out that they have a factory that can build anything. Their boss built some giant machine and went to cross the Moon Sea.
The Moon Sea is actually a dungeon so that’s where I had to go next. Around level 8 or so, I’ve found the boss of the space bunnies and he joined my team. His name is Osmond, and he can fly and use machine guns.  Osmond told me they all forgot how to seal the Dark Genie, but also mentioned that his giant robot machine could probably defeat the genie if he gets a special power source which is available for victory at the nearby Coliseum. A few levels later, around level 15 or so, I arrived at the Coliseum and easily defeated the boss named Minotaur Joe. He wasn’t easier than the last boss, but he was pretty close.
I managed to rebuild the giant robot thing called the Sun Giant, so Osmond, me and the rest of the piloting team went on to fight the Dark Genie. He got his ass kicked but then something terrible was discovered. The Dark Genie isn’t the Dark Genie at all. It was just a mouse that was near the urn when the genie was freed. The real Dark Genie was actually possessing the general during all of this and controlling everything. He destroyed the Sun Giant and that would be it for all of us, but Dran, the Divine Beast arrived at the last minute and saved us all. He took us to the castle where we met that grey haired guy. He told us that he was the one who created the Dark Genie and has been trying to destroy him for the last 400 years. Now the Genie is about to take control of him so we have to travel back in time to stop him from ever being created.
We can do this by traveling through the gallery of time and collecting time fragments to recreate memories. This means that the Gallery of Time is the new and hopefully final dungeon. I managed to clear the first six levels of this dungeon and this is where I took a break. There is no city building in this part. I can just use the fragments of memories to recreate events from within the dungeon.