Dark Cloud – 7. Macho, Macho Sword

I continued to explore the shipwreck and reached level 17. There was no hook on this level and what was supposed to be the level transition area only contained a musical box. I decided to leave the dungeon and go back to Queens. I realized I have all the parts I needed to completely rebuild it, including the random requests from the villagers so I did it. As a reward, the sheriff gave me the macho sword. After that, I went to the cathedral, where the cleric told me about a curse that causes everyone that marries there to split up eventually.  There was a queen ruling Queens (!?) 100 years ago that fell in love with a commoner. They agreed to secretly marry at the cathedral but he stood her up. Because of this, she threw herself in the ocean and that is how the curse began.
The cleric told me to go to the fortune teller so I went and did that. I asked her to tell me about the curse and I’ve found out that the man the queen fell in love with was the harbor merchant. I went to his store and found the key to the musical box. This allowed me to go back to the shipwreck and open the box, transporting myself to the boss level. You know that one “hell hath no fury”? Well, indeed it hath none. This was definitely the hardest boss yet. First she traps me in a block of ice and then she throws another huge chunk of ice on my head. Her spells are homing and extremely fast, and she gets immune after I hit her a few times, forcing me to switch characters.
In the end, I used Xiao to hit her with a wind based slingshot for 7 points until she went immune, and then I switched to Ruby to hit her with a shot from her fire based ring. This would cause her to go immune immediately so I would have to switch back to Xiao. It took me a while, but after I took about 400-500 health, the fight was over. The merchant entered the room and told me he had the moon orb all along and was just using me to get to La Saia. I can’t really be mad at him, because, if I really think about it, pretty much everyone is using me.
I got the orb and went back to the Moon People village. They tried to use it to control the ship, but it didn’t work. It turns out, the ship was stored at the Sun and Moon temple, but they didn’t’ really take care of it at all so now I have to fix that. I went there and, of course, it’s filled with monsters and the nearby village is completely destroyed. I also met a new potential ally, so at least that’s a plus.