Dark Cloud – 5. Xiao Rules, Losing Weapons Sucks

You know that awesome sword I was building up from the start of the game? Well, you probably don’t, but I was and it was awesome. It’s gone! I was going through a dungeon, my sword got to 10 WHP, and I was going to do a few more hits before I repair him. I had to leave the game for a minute, so I suspended the game, and when I came back, I completely forgot about it and proceeded to smash it on the behind of some mimic. Know what I did next? It took the next best sword, the Serpent Sword and did the exact same thing.

Short story; Xiao is now my strongest character. The good news is, you can actually buy the back level key for the shipwreck in Queens, so I might actually do some grinding here. Anyway, I cleared a few more levels, including a back level or two and now Xiao is really kicking ass. Also, after doing some more rebuilding, I got Ruby, the Genie to join my party. She’s pretty much just like Xiao, except she uses rings and casts spells with them. I think I’ll find a nice level in this dungeon and just grind away until I really up weapons on all of my allies. Also, I will make it a habit to buy some of those auto repair items. It seems I’m too stupid not to use them.