Diablo II – Lord of Destruction (PC), Part 5

Last night a friend stopped by again, and we played with our sorceress/amazon combo. We got through the first half of act 3 hell, and it was a bitch. My amazon is a non standard build and is harder to play than most characters. Also, our equipment sucks and our resistances are mostly negative. Today we will try to finish hell, so we can concentrate on getting equipment.

EDIT: We haven’t finished it, but we did get to chapter V. Chaos Sanctuary was hard as hell (duh!), bud Diablo himself was a breeze thanks to teamwork. We both started running towards him, I cast my Valkyre next to him to keep him busy, and when I came close I cast slow missiles for his red lightning, and then started attacking him. In the meanwhile, my friend came close to, and used static field a couple of times. This got him to about a third of his health, the rest of which I easily took using charged strike.