Diablo II – Lord of Destruction (PC), Part 3

I had a terrible headache yesterday, so I didn’t even touch a game. Today tough, a friend stopped by so we created a couple of druid characters. His will be a Hunter Summoner (a summoner that uses a bow), and I decided to go for the elemental skills. We got trough act 1 and most of act 2 normal.

Right now, I’m planning to play for a bit with my sorceress. I’ll try to get her to level 27 so she can use the Insight staff I have prepared for her.

EDIT: The sorceress is level 32 now. I actually used teleport to rush to act 2 nightmare and hire a holy freeze mercenary. Now I’m doing Shenk runs on Normal to train. I decided to use fire as my secondary attack instead of lightning. I don’t think it’s a better choice, but the animations of fire skills look better to me, so the coolness factor decided for me. I’ll try to get her to level 40 tomorrow.