Eschalon: Book One – 3. Wasps and Waypoints

I went to the wasp caves and started exploring for a bit, but ran out soon after. While the wasps do die in 2-3 hits, it´s pretty hard to hit them in complete darkness. I decided to quicktravel back to Bordertown to get some Predator Sight potions, but when I got there, I realized I have a level in elemental and divine magic now. Since I already had a scroll in my inventory, I read it and learned the Predator Sight spell. While I was at it, I also learned a few other spells. In any case, the caves will be allot easier now. I went back in and continued to explore. I gathered some larvae for that guy in the crypts and killed a bunch of wasps. I’ve also found a friendly goblin named Gruzz in the caves. He says he keeps the wasps away with smoke and gathers gems, since this used to be a mine. He is hiding from the war and he also mentioned that the goblin leader is a shaman who is looking for some special, magical gem. As I was leaving, he mentioned a lockbox in the goblin citadel and told me the combination for it. A few tunnels later, I have found the hive queen and defeated her with ease. At first I thought I might have to lead her back to a stack of gunpowder barrels, but as it turns out, she moves pretty slowly, so all it took is a few shots from my bow.

Eschalon: Book One, Forest

The forest is a dangerous place when there’s a bunch of giant wasps chasing you.

I took the queen’s stinger and brought it to Lilith as prove of her death. Lilith told me that the amulet is actually a key to a lockbox in the Underground Repository, the most secure bank in the world. I quicktraveled to Blackwater where the Repository should be located, but I couldn´t find it, so I decided to explore for a bit. I went and gave the larvae to the man in the crypt and he gave me some of his incinerating fluid. Then I went and found the sextant for the shipwrecked guy and he decided he could teach me cartography. While doing some more exploring, I stumbled into the last Burley Oak tree completely by accident and took an acorn with me. I have it to the shopkeeper in Blackwater to also complete this quest. I also managed to find the Tangletree Ossuary waypoint. Since I only have two waypoints left, I will try and find those now.

I quicktraveled back to Bordertown and started to explore in the southwest direction, towards where the map says Vera is. On my way through Baron´s Thicket, I had to kill a bunch of raptors, but since they give 110 experience each, I definitely didn´t mind. In the end I managed to find the waypoint, quicktraveled to Blackwater, spent the night at the inn and saved my game.

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  • where is the last burley oak tree

  • The easiest way to find it is to go southeast from the first town until you get to the coast. Then follow the coast west until you start encountering those grubs. It takes a couple of screens. Once you do that, start exploring the woods and you will find the tree surrounded by a bunch of grubs.