Final Fantasy IV (DS), Part 1

After completing the last DS game, I decided to start this one. I’ve played for 3 hours and 15 minutes and got to a mountain I need to pass trough now. Since I started the game, two towns got destroyed (three if you count the one in the flashback). The main character is a Dark Knight named Cecil, and his companion is a Dragoon named Kain. Right now, my party consists of Cecil, a girl Summoner named Rydia, a White Mage named Rosa, and a Bard named Edward. Rydia is a girl from a village of summoners called Mist that I unintentionally destroyed, Rosa is Cecil’s friend, and Edward is the prince of an empire that got destroyed. I also encountered a Sage whose name I can’t remember right now. I really like the game, and I think I will finish it quite soon.