Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift (DS) (COMPLETED)

I’m 75 hours in to the game, and I’ve completed 210 quests. The story is almost complete, and as far as I know, I have one more quest until I finish it. Luso is level 58, and I have recruited Vaan and Penelo. Vann will be my new thief, as his skills are quite useful in that area. Adelle is level 32, and I have unlocked her special job – the Heritor. The job has some nice skills, but I’m keeping her as a Seer until she learns all of the level 2 Black Magick spells. Hurdy is level 46 and I’m training him as a thief to increase his speed. My Viera Red Mage/Summoner has learned double cast, and is now one of the most powerful characters I have. I’ll go play some more now.

EDIT: I’ve completed the main quest line, and with it, completed the game. The final quest consisted of three battles with a possibility to save between the first two. Luso ended up on level 59, with most of the characters (except for Adelle) closely behind. After the end credits stopped rolling, I was offered to save the game one more time. This gave me a “game completed” title on the save I chose. I’m guessing that completing the game unlocked some extra side quests. The final quest count was 211. I will off course continue to play the game and finish the rest of the side quests, but right now, I think I’ll start another game.