I played with my Sorceress and finished most of Act 2 Normal. She will be an Ice type, using frozen orb mostly with some lightning skills as backup. Right now she annihilates everything with her glacial spike.

EDIT: A friend stopped by and rushed my sorceress trough normal difficulty. She is now a level 22 Slayer. I will train her tomorrow.

I played it in the morning for a while. I did a few quests, none of them related to the main story. I unlocked a few nice items at the Bazaar including the Masamune. My main character is now level 40 and will soon be switching to the Parivir class. I’m going to train him as a Paladin/Parivir with a Ninja level every now and then for the speed. My Nu’Mou is now an Alchemist/Sage, and that is what he will probably remain as for the rest of the game. I have a Gladiator/Defender Banga, but I’m not sure if I should replace him with a Monk/Master Monk. One of my Vieras will be a Red Mage/Summoner and the other a Sniper/Assassin. I also have a Moogle Thief/Juggler which is there just for stealing and disabling opponents with daggers.

EDIT: I completed a dozen more quests, one of which unlocked the Scholar job. I probably won’t be using it since it’s more a gimmick then a real job. My main character however, finished learning the dual wield ability and is now a Parivir. After learning most of the Parivir skills, I will make him a Paladin to learn that skill set to. My Viera Sniper now has all the prerequisites for the Assassin Job, and has already mastered the two Assassin abilities I had available. She is now a Sniper again. I will probably replace the Assassin skill set with the Archer one when fighting undead, to use the Burial ability.

I had a friend over, so we played this game for a couple of hours. We got trough chapter 2 on Hell with one pair of characters (Sorceress and Amazon), and trough chapter 2 and 3 of Nightmare with our Paladins. Right now he’s doing some Countess runs, and I’m taking a break.

EDIT: We finished chapter 4 of Nightmare with our Paladins. Chapter 5 is insanely difficult because most of the enemies are archers, and our equipment is subpar. We will continue next weekend.

After completing a few quests, including two that unlocked the Spellsword and Master Monk classes, the Auction season started again. I managed to become Champion for Life in both regions on the new continent. I also got a bunch of extremely nice items, one of them being a Ninja sword that grants the Dual Wield passive ability. I immediately put it on my main character.

I did a few quests today, most of them without battle. I’ve also recruited a Seeq and a Gria. Now I finally have a Ranger to solve the “Wanted: Sidekick” quest. Off course, I dispatched him right away. Nothing else of importance happened.

EDIT: I did a few more quests, most of them non battle types. I did advance the story tough. A bunch of my characters learned a bunch of new skills, and most of them now have their end game jobs (at least one of their end game jobs).

After talking to the Council, I decided the best next move would be to try to find Garrus, a private investigator that has been after Saren for a while now. Captain Anderson said the person to talk to would be Harkin, a human employed in the C-Sec. He’s supposed to be in a bar in the Wards, so that’s where I went looking for him. Harkin said I should look for Garrus in the Hospital.

I’ve also found general Septimus in the bar. I managed to talk some sense in to him, so he agreed to stop spreading lies about the Consort. He also admitted to lie to the ambassador I talked about earlier. He gave me evidence that I should show to the ambassador.

In the Hospital I stumbled in to some thugs threatening the doctor. Garrus helped me dispose of them so we could talk. He said Fist, a local crime lord, should know something about Saren. He also mentioned a Krogan bounty hunter named Wrex that is also after Fist. I decided to look for him, so Garrus joined my team. I’ve found Wrex in the C-Sec academy and he agreed to join to.

Doing all these things, I’ve also found a total of 17 keepers that a guy asked me to scan. I have 4 more to find. I also got a few side quests on my list, but none of them are important enough to mention.

I tried three new games for the DS this morning. I’m not going to play them just yet because I have other games to finish first, but I do have to decide if I should keep them. So, here goes:

Doodle Hex

It’s a puzzle game. You draw runes on the screen to attack your enemy. It’s pretty fast paced, and you make your own rune set, but that’s about it. I don’t think I’ll be playing this one.

Ducati Moto

A motorcycle racer and a nice one at that. There’s a career mode in which you can buy different motorcycles and upgrade them. The driving model and the graphics are nice to.

Top Spin 3

This one is a tennis game. There’s a career mode in which you partake in tournaments and event or train to improve your stats. It’s hard, but for a tennis game, pretty sweet.

I had this game for a while, but I didn’t get the chance to play it. It’s a great game. I started with a male Infiltrator who was a spacer and a war hero. I’m mainly going to use snipers with an explosive thrown in every now and then.

I started a game on a ship called Normandy. The mission was supposed to be a test run to try out the new stealth systems, or so I thought. It turned out it was actually a retrieval mission. An artifact from a long gone race called Protheans was found on a human colony called Eden Prime. It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful planets Humanity inhabits.

While Normandy was approaching Eden Prime, the colony got attacked by Geth, a synthetic race that turned on its creators and then disappeared for 200 years. It seems they are back, and they mean business.

This mission was also a test for me. The Council wants a human to be allowed in to the rank of Spectres, an organization above the law, created to uphold the will of the Council. If I do okay, I will be the first human to become a Spectre. Another Specter named Nihlas will be observing me.

Nihlas went on ahead, saying he moves faster alone. After my team annihilated a few enemies, one of my team members got killed by some flying robot thingies. He quickly got replaced by another, prettier, female soldier. Fighting enemies, I got a few nice items, and encountered a few people. Nihlas was going ahead, and encountered Saren, another Spectre that is now working with the Geth. Nihlas didn’t know that, so Saren managed to kill him.

The Geth planted explosive devices around the beacon, so I had to disarm them within the time limit. After disarming the devices, I approached the beacon. It started pulling a team member in, so I jumped and pushed her away. The beacon pulled me in, and I experienced a vision. 15 hours later I woke up on the Normandy.

After some shopping and exploring, the Normandy set course to the Citadel – a space station created by the Protheans, and now controlled by the Council. After arriving, I got a new assignment. I am to go to the Council tower and tell them everything about what happened.

I did some more exploring, and have encountered two other races. One of the ambassadors has a problem with another ambassador, so I will try to help him out. I’ve also found a report on a terminal in the human embassy saying something about strange signals in an unexplored region of space. This got me an optional quest that I can do later.

EDIT: I had a conversation with C-Sec (Citadel Security) Executor Venari Pallin. He isn’t very trusting when it comes to Spectres, and especially with Saren. I also realized that the female ambassador is not an ambassador, but a Consort. I talked to her and she asked me to help her. A general named Septimus is spreading lies about her and they need to stop. I also did more exploring and met with the Council. They didn’t believe me about Saren and now I have to prove it somehow.

I’ve completed Cruisin’ difficulty. Yesterday, I completed Breezin’, and I was one level short on completing Cruisin’. I’ve also completed the first five stages of Sweatin’ difficulty. I’m about 350k points short of getting the next rank, so I’m hopping ill get the next bonus stage. By the way, the first bonus stage was “Believe” by Cher. Judging from the credits, that leaves the songs “ABC” and “Survivor” to unlock. I wonder which one will be next.

After completing a level, I finally have enough points for the next rank – Three-star Commander. Unfortunately, this isn’t the rank that I get a new song on. Only 3.7 million points needed for the next rank. Hopefully, that will be the one.

By the way, I got a blister from playing this game. I guess that means I need to take a break from stylus games for a while.

EDIT: I’ve finished a total of 13 stages on Sweatin’, and have finally unlocked the next rank – King of the Beat. This has unlocked a new song, “ABC”. It’s one of my favorite oldies. I need 3.5 million points for the next rank, but I probably need to advance to the final rank to unlock the last bonus song. King of the Beat is rank 6 and judging from the rank list I still have at least six ranks left. The good thing is, that songs on Sweatin’ provide over a million points each easily (more than two millions if played near perfectly).

I finished this one today for the second time actually. The first time it was before I started this diary. It definitely wasn’t as hard as the first time. I finished the last level in one go, but it was still a close one. Watching the credits, I noticed a few songs in the list that weren’t in any of the levels. I’m guessing their either unlockable or in the US version of the game. If the songs are unlockable, it probably has something to do with the rank system which, right now, has no other use. It’s one more game to the list.

EDIT: After gaining the rank “Captain of Soul” I unlocked a new song. It seems it has everything to do with ranks. The problem is I need almost three million points for the next rank which is just a bit less than the total I have now. This will be a long day.