Populous: The Beginning [3]

Not much time today, so I just played through the sixth level of populous. This one actually provided some challenge, but mostly due to the two opponents being annoying than anything else. The problem was, it was the first time for me to face two enemy tribes at once, but it’s still early in the game, so I can’t put up proper defenses against one tribe, while I’m off attacking the other.

Populous: The Beginning, Puzzle

The stone head grants Hypnosis, which can be used to control an enemy warrior on an island with a totem pole, which then casts land bridge between the two enemy tribes.

Because of this, I had to fall back several times, simply to stop one of the tribes from destroying to much of my village. The point of the level actually isn’t to fight against bot tribes at once. Instead, if you pray at the proper totem pole, you create a bridge between their two areas, causing them to attack each other.┬áThe problem is, this doesn’t always work, and it definitely doesn’t work all the time.

After some minor attacks, I decided to go destroy the Chumara (yellow) first, and then move on to the Matak (green). Of course, my memory being what it is, I might be completely messing up the names and the colors. Just to give myself another opportunity to make a mistake, there are three tribes in the game:

Enemy tribe colors in Populous, The Beginning:

  • Chumara- Yellow
  • Matak – Green
  • Dakini – Red

There! If I messed up, I’ll fix it later.

In any case, I eventually beat them, but it took me about an hour in total. Once I get the fire warriors, I’ll probably be able to defend my village better, allowing me to focus on offense. In any case, the game can be challenging now, but it still feels way easier than what I remember. I don’t think I got past the first ten or so levels as a kid.