Hi, my name is Sword and i live in a small village where I was found shipwrecked. I have no idea where my real home is, but the villagers treat me nice and this place feels like home to. I also have a great friend and her name is Anella. Anyway, one day we were talking outside when suddenly some strange lightnings came from the sky and tried to take me. Anella said she will do anything as long as they let me go, so they took her and the rest of the village instead.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon Cover, Box Art

Away: Shuffle Dungeon is a fun and slightly weird game.

I searched the village to see if there’s anyone left, but even the buildings were gone, except for my house. Outside my house, I found the chief’s harp and tried to play it, which then opened a portal. The portal lead to Rock Cliff Dungeon where, after fighting some enemies, I encountered a strange creature. I called the creature “fupong” because of the way it sounds when the it walks. When a fupong is following me, I can cast a spell, but if I do, I cant do it anymore on that level. There were several fupongs around the dungeon, though, so I could gather a bunch of them.

A few levels later, I encountered a giant spider thing and it killed me, several times. A few attempts later, though, it was the spider that went down. The spider was holding the chief captive so I saved him and returned to the village with him and a new armor.

The chief said he thinks it was the “Away” that took the entire village. I went to rest and when I woke up, the chief already managed to rebuild his house again. He said he just needed some carpentry nails to expand the place. He invited me in and it turns out he had a fupong in there, this time a green one. He suggested I should try and feed him to see what happens. He instantly grew into a bigger fupong, this time not some round little thing but a bunny-like creature. Chief decided he will keep a few around, but not to many as they grow fast.

I explored the village some more and found a sword which opened up another portal. This one took me to the Flame dungeon. A few levels in, I’ve found Macey, the weapons shop owner. I went back to town and the chief rebuilt Macey’s weapon shop. I also upgraded it with the Orihalcum I’ve found in the dungeon. After this, I’ve found a shield outside, which again opened a portal, this time to the Ice Dungeon. Pretty soon, I’ve also found Helmut, the armor shop owner. Again, I took him with me and left the dungeon. The chief built him his shop and now both Helmut and Macey are asking me to find and save Giggles, the owner of the inn.

I then did a few runs through the Rocky Cliff Dungeon again to get enough nails for the upgrades for chief’s shop and combined some of the red fupongs. I now have three level 2 red fupongs, which will be useful in the future. After the upgrade, I saved my game and decided to take a break.