Since I completed the game, I thought I should do a short review, so here goes…

The Review

The game is fun, it really is. I wasn’t bored at any point while playing it. It’s not perfect, but it definitely is fun. It sort of reminds me of a mix between the old Soulblazer and a Zelda game for some reason. It’s colorful, looks nice all around and has a cheerful atmosphere. It’s light on the story, but it also doesn’t make the story that important so you wont mind.

Now, about the imperfections. First of all, as I said, It’s light on the story. At some points, the story just isn’t making that much sense and the whole “saving the humanity” part just drops in on you unexpectedly and ends right there so it kind of feels weird. Secondly, I feel they could handle the whole monster raising thing better. Basically, you have 4 fupong types and you feed and combine them to make them grow. The problem is, it takes a while, and a much bigger problem is, if you’re not careful, you can lose your fupongs just like that, which makes the whole process of raising them a bit tedious. In my case, what happened was that I was using level 1 fupongs throughout the entire game and was just raising one of each kind at the ranch to see how they look like, but never used them. It basically makes them not really a part of the game.

Still, as I said, the game is fun and is worth playing. You get an enhanced mode after completing it which let’s you keep your old weapons and stuff on a new playthrough, but I wont be going through that. I feel that the 17 hours it took to complete it once is more than enough playtime i got out of it.

The Verdict

All in all, I would give it an 8/10 – Something I will complete, but wont be going back to it.

In the two dungeons, I’ve found more people, but no villagers this time. Both of the people accused me of being “the alien who abducted them”. One of them was a woman who was also missing her husband. After clearing these two, I managed to find a few more dungeons, saving more unknown people. Soon, Annela gave me the password past that one room in the first “techy” dungeon so I went there two, which just created even more mysteries.

While doing all of this, I started finding chisels and flower seeds, which I would give to the villagers so they could make stone statues for the plaza and plant flowers around the village. The village started to look really nice because of it. I even managed to raise the red fupong to the max level, but I never got the chance to use it.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, A Sad Fupong

A sad fupong.

After clearing all of the available dungeons, Annela finally woke up, so I spoke to her. She said she remembers allot of things now. It was Sword who abducted her from her world, even though he doesn’t remember. After hearing all of this, Sword promised he will do anything to get to the bottom of the mystery. Annela said she had a dream while in the hospital, about a portal opening up under Swords bed, so they both decided to spend the night at his place (nothing sexual, you pervs). The dream turned out to be true and a new portal opened up. This one took them to a control room of a spaceship and that is when they realized the truth. The whole of Webb village is just an Illusion created in the spaceship. The ship was hit by a meteor and is malfunctioning so this is why the earthquakes started happening in the village.

Before I could do anything, the control robot, which also malfunctioned, attacked Sword and Annela. Sword managed to kill it in basically one it, but it was to late…

Annela was dead!

Sword tried to do everything he could think off, but it was to late. All he could do was to give her a burial in space. I explored the rest of the ship and found the main computer. According to the diagnostics program, a part was missing. The computer said that it indeed was Sword that brought all the people to the village. Why he lost his memory was unknown, but it was probably due to the malfunction. All of the caves he was exploring were actually subspace passages to various locations in timespace. I also found the place where the meteor hit, and discovered the Subspace Dungeon. At the bottom of it, I’ve found the missing part and used it to repair the computer. Once this was done, the autopilot was engaged and the ship suddenly started moving to an unknown location. Sword tried to stop it, but the ship wouldn’t listen.

The location was Earth!

He used the transporter to exit the ship and he was greeted by a bunch of scientists, one of which was professor Atom, who explained everything. Humanity is dying out. There is a strange disease that is systematically destroying the human DNA and the cause of it is unknown. The doctors are trying to do everything, but nothing is working. They considered time travel to go to the past and find people with healthy DNA, but there is no technology that could send a living organism to the past. This is when they got an idea. They sent a ship with an artificial intelligence to the past to find Sword. The ship would then travel at the speed of light and thus use time dilation to “travel to the future” and get more people on the way to the present. Their DNA could then be used to restore the missing pieces and cure the disease. Just as the last people were found, the ship was hit by the meteor and the mission could not be completed. Now that the ship is back, though, Sword could use the minimizer machine in the lab to shrink to a microscopic level and restore the DNA.

Off course, this is what I did and humanity was saved. The “dungeon” was a tough one and I had to try several times, but in the end, I got to the bottom level, defeated the boss and fixed the DNA. The problem now is, there is no technology that could be used to bring the people who’s DNA saved humanity back to their own times. They decided to all stay and live in the Webb village, as there is nothing else that could be done.

This is when professor Atom got an idea. Why not use the ship to continue traveling to the future until such technology is invented? Sword agreed and started the ship again. A few generations later, he got back to Earth and was greeted by professor Tatom, the great, great, great, great granchild of professor Atom. He managed to invent the technology needed and everyone could now return.

One by one, the villagers entered the machine and went back to their homes. The professor gave each of them a gem to remember him by. The last person to go was Sword, but then he got an idea. Instead of going back to his own time, he went back to the moment he and Annela were attacked by the robot. This time, the battle was much tougher, but I managed to win and Annela was saved! He got her back to Webb village and then it was time for her to return to her own time to.

Sword, on the other hand, decided to stay on the ship. After all, he would have probably died in his own time line, as he was taken from a shipwreck. He would use the ship to travel through space and live out his days with his only company being the fupongs that were left behind.

One day, he was walking through the village, when a strange light appeared in Annela’s old house. He opened the door and she was there. Annela was back! The game that the professor was giving to all the villagers is actually a device that she used to return to Sword. As she was explaining this, all the other houses lit up to. All of the villagers decided to return. They loved their time in Webb village and they missed each other and sword, so they all decided to live there, instead of in their own times. They will use the ship to go on more fun adventures and live out their lives together in happiness.


I had some time to play today and I advanced the game pretty far, so I’m not sure if I will be able to remember about all the things I did, but here goes…

The twins’ dungeon was where I found Belisarius (not sure about the name), who seems to be the final villager that required rescue. He got stung by a monster so I had to take him to the doctor as soon as we got back to the village.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Anella


I went on to visit Annela and she just woke up so we went to the beach. Soon enough, a huge earthquake happened and Annela fainted again. I took her to the doctor and went to inspect the damage. The earthquake opened up a large fissure at the center of the village and an actual traffic light appeared there. I looked in the darkness bellow and discovered another dungeon. This one was strange, all high tech and electrical and there was no one to save in there. There was a giant robot that attacked me, however, so I had to fight him. Once he was gone, I continued to the next level but the door was locked by a password. Luckily, a teleporter was there that took me back to the village, so I didn’t have to go back on foot.

I went to check up on Anella and she was delirious again, saying something about how she was late to a play and was at the traffic light when the light took her. Since her sleep talking lead me to a bunch of other dungeons, I decided to go check the traffic light at the fissure and, sure enough, I discovered another techy dungeon. This time, I found a prisoner at the bottom, but he wasn’t a villager. He accused me of being one of the aliens who abducted him with their UFO, but Sword had no idea what any of those words mean. In the end, I managed to convince him to go back to the village with me. We spoke to the chief and he said that he fully expects me to find a way back to the guy’s world if I continue exploring all the different dungeons. The man introduced himself as Kaanvas, the painter. He decided he would paint this strange world he is in while waiting for me to find him a way home.

I went back to Anella and this time she was talking about how the traffic lights are programmed to keep blinking when there’s a parade or a festival in the city so I decided to go check the light again. Nothing was there so I first went to speak to Kaanvas and then to the chief. Kaanvas shoved me a painting he was working on, which contained a tree and a strange shiny object next to it, while the chief gave me his super nose to try and find a clue that way. I used the super nose to find “Control Chip B” and then I’ve found “Control Chip A” next to a tree, just like on the painting that Kaanvas painted.

I used the two chips on the traffic light and opened up two new dungeons. This is where I decided to take a break. Which dungeon I will tackle next, I’m not sure, but both of them will be tackled eventually.

My hardware troubles continue. The replaced GPU worked like a charm and the computer was used for 3 days, but then a new problem appeared. This time, the computer freezes on the POST part of the boot screen. I can’t do anything about that from the software side, so I left it at the shop so they can look into it properly. I can expect it next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Sword swinging a Huge Ax

Sword’s name doesn’t limit him. He can also swing huge axes.

I guess I have time to complete this game now. Anyways, I had a really hard time guessing where to go next after saving Camelia as Anella’s new house was empty and I was supposed to listen to her talk in her sleep. Finally, I found out she’s actually still sleeping at the chief’s house in the guest room. She gave me a total of three hints, which means I’ve found three new dungeons, one outside next to Camelia’s house, one inside Camelia’s house and one in Anella’s house in a vanity mirror.

I cleared all three of these and freed the twins Yula and Ula, the wizard Majique and the flaming “decorator” and “fashion guru” Tylor. All three of the dungeons weren’t easy and took allot of attempts to clear, but eventually I did it. During all this, Anella gave me a new hint which allowed me to found the fourth dungeon in the twins’ house so that is the one I will be tackling next. For now, I’m taking a break, since my headache is back in full.

Just a short one today, since I played for 10 minutes total. I went to search for Annela and found her at the beach. She seemed to be sleepwalking and said something in the lines of “three steps west, two steps north and then two south again”. I decided to follow the instructions and this unlocked a portal to a new dungeon, this time an icy one again.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Sword on a Bridge

This is a bridge in the town.

The dungeon was quite easy and I soon reached the bottom level, where I’ve found Camelia who seems to be the town musician or something. I brought her back with me and she mentioned how everything seems distant in her memories, like it happened ages ago. The chief came to see us and told me he found Annela while I was in the dungeon. She is in his house now. I went to my house to save the game and stopped playing.

I again had some spare time on my train rides and between study sessions so I managed to advance the plot a bit.

First I revisited some old dungeons to upgrade a few shops and gather some fupongs for Whip. Once I filled the entire ranch, their weight caused something to break and a portal to the Ancient Ruins dungeon opened up. Now, this one was a bit longer than usual. Around level four, I’ve found Annela’s hair ornament and a few levels later i had to defeat a boss. This one was extremely easy, so he was done on my first try. I saved my game and continued deeper.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Sword and Some Fupongs

Here’s Sword with some fupongs, this time.

Two levels later, I’ve found Annela unconscious. She woke up, but couldn’t remember anything. Even though she didn’t trust me to much, I managed to talk her into going back to the village with me. We went back and visited the chief, who gave her a spare room until he manages to rebuild her house. The chief said I should go rest, so I did, but before I went to bed, Annela visited and it seemed like she started remembering things. However, she said something about being in a car when a bright light appeared. The problem is, no one in the village has any idea what a “car” is. The plot thickens!

Annela left and Sword went to bed. In the morning, Giggles ran in, woke him up and said Annela was gone. The entire village was looking for her, so I probably should to. This is where I saved my game and stopped playing.

I managed to squeeze in some time today and I also played a bit during the train ride home yesterday, so here goes…

I talked to the chief and he gave me his super nose again. Using that, I managed to find the pot lid and it opened up another dungeon for me, this time a nature oriented one. I also talked to Weldon and he gave me some strange spices that he found in the dungeon. I fed those spices to the fupong at the chieftain’s house and this opened a portal to another dungeon. Since I had two dungeons to chose from this time, I decided to go with the one nearby – fupong’s Ruins dungeon.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Sword and Anella

Not a screenshot this time, Sword and Anella.

It turned out it was pretty hard, so I died a bunch of times. On the plus side, I got a nice sum of money, so I could finally afford the drain sword. This one allows me to sometimes restore my life when attacking enemies so it made things much easier. I got to the end of the dungeon and found Whip there. He said he ate some moss nearby so he is sick now. I got him back to the village, where he managed to infect some other people with the same sickness. Now I have to solve this new problem, as well as clear the other dungeon where Giggles’ mom should be.

I went to speak to the doctor and he just happened to conveniently discover a cure-all medicine. He used it on the Whip and he got better. Problem is, he doesn’t have any more of it so now Helmut and Macey are still sick. I have to go get some ingredients so he can make more of the medicine. The flowers he needs are in the Forest dungeon so I went there to find them. Of course it was at the bottom level and, before I could pick them, I got attacked. The boss gave me a hard time at first, but once I figured out his attack patterns, it was easy. I got the blue flowers and went back to the village. Soon, everyone was fine and the chief decided to rebuild Whip’s ranch. The fupongs will be there now, since there’s more room at the ranch.

With all the dying, I also managed to acquire enough organic fertilizer to upgrade the ranch, so this was the first thing I did. For 300 gold, the fupong can now also find pong pods around town. I had no idea what those are so I tried it once and I got some weird container thing. I believe I can put fupong’s I find in the dungeon in there so I can bring back more of them. Of course, in the pod, they cant be used, so I guess this is used for farming them or something.

After all of this, I went back to the Mine dungeon and saved Giggles’ mom, Keesh. Compared to all the other stuff, this was easy and I did it on first try.When I came back, the chief held a meeting in the village meeting room. The villagers asked Sword how come he wasn’t taken and he explained how Anella asked the light not to take him. It turns out, this was the reason the Away took the entire village. If she hadn’t asked that, Sword would be the only one taken. Half the village (the dumb ones) are now blaming Sword for what happened and expect him to save everyone. Since that’s what he has been doing all this time, I guess nothing is changing.

After the meeting, the chief told me that Whip has been looking for me, so I went to see him. He said that I should round up some fupongs, but I have no idea what that means. Should I gather up fupongs from old dungeons in order to unlock a new one? In any case, this is where I saved my game and stopped playing.

I completed another dungeon, this time one with a forest theme. In this one, I managed to find and rescue Dr. Ricket. He opened up a medicine shop where I can finally buy some resurrection items, which means I might finish a dungeon or two even if I die in it. I had to put his clinic on a low growth spot, so he will need 4 of his upgrade items for each upgrade.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon In-Game Screenshot.

An in-game screenshot this time, though it wasn’t of my own making.

After this, I talked to some people in the town, and Giggles mentioned she really misses her mother. She has a pot that belongs to her, but she can’t find the lid, so I guess that is what’s going to be the portal to my next dungeon.

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but it somehow slipped my mind.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon Art

No screenshots on the DS, so here’s some more art I found online.

Anyway, I finally did manage to complete that one dungeon and save Whedon. He’s the local Blacksmith, so I now have to get upgrades for him to. I also did a few runs to get some experience, money and upgrade items, but not to much. I guess now I have to find another discarded item somewhere and use it to open another portal. I think I will also give up on raising fupongs as they have a tendency to just disappear. I think I need to read the manual as I don’t get what exactly causes that.  I will try to play some more today, but you can expect my post quality and frequency to drop for the next 2 and a half weeks, since my exams are starting and my free time will be very limited.

I was playing it on a train today, and I couldn’t take notes while playing so I’m afraid this one wont be as detailed as the last few. I will do better next time.

I returned to some of the dungeons to level up, get new fupongs and make some money. After a while of doing this, I started to explore the town again and soon found some food supplies by the river. Upon examining them, another portal opened, this time to a watery dungeon. A few levels in, I managed to find Giggles and returned with her to the city, but only a moment to late.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon Characters

The characters of Away: Shuffle Dungeon

The chief was there, waiting, and told us that Macey and Helmut grew impatient and decided to go and find Giggles by themselves. I went back to the watery dungeon and ran into them immediately. They over-geared, so their armor and weapons were to heavy to move around. They got attacked by a giant snake monster, so I had to kill it myself. We went back to town again and Giggles scolded them a bit. She then explained all about feng shui and how the position of a shop affects the merchandise, prices and growth. Then I got the chance to re-position the armor and weapon shop properly.

I did some more exploring and found a bottle of garlic(?). This opened a portal to a new dungeon, this time a fiery one, where, after some more exploring and fighting, I’ve found another villager, called Walter, if I remember correctly. I brought him back, but he turned out to be another monster in disguise, so I had to defeat it. The chief then gave me a “super nose” so I could see smells and find the real portal to where Walter is. It was in the southeast of the shop area and I entered the dungeon, but got killed, even after several attempts. This is where I saved my game and stopped playing. I will attempt the dungeon again tomorrow.