This is what I played most of the time. Patch 3.2 is live, so I was spending a lot of time with Larthas doing heroics to collect emblems of conquest. I also have about 10 emblems of triumph by now, which I got from my daily heroic quests. Larthas is now pretty much ready for Ulduar25, so hopefully we will start clearing that one soon.

As for Hastral, he didn’t do much, but he did reach level 43. Since the new patch is live, he now has a fast mount. I will probably put him on hold until I get my new gear on Larthas. There is just too much content to play both characters.

Larthas is getting stronger by the day and richer as well (well, it fluctuates). Also, a new hero was born. His name is Hastral and he is currently a level 32 warlock. Hopefully, one day he will be as strong as Larthas.

Also, Eternal Myst is now capable of manning 25 man raids, so there will be plenty of those in the future.

It’s been a while, and allot has happened. I did plenty of heroic runs, including Naxxramas and some raids, which got me lots of gear for my dps and my healing build. I can now heal trough most heroics without problem, but I still lack the mana for longer battles. I was also doing daily quests for various Northrend factions, as well as for Argent Tournament and Outland cooking. I lack 2 Outland cooking recipes, but I have completed most Northrend cooking achievements. I am also an exalted champion of Stormwind, Gnomeregan, Exodar and Darnassus and I will be the champion of Ironforge in two days.

Most Northrend factions revere me now. All I am missing are the Frostborn, the Frenzyheart, the Wyrmrest Acord and the Sons of Hodir. The Frostborn will take the longest, as they only have a single daily quest.

It’s been a long time since I last posted, so allot has happened. Larthas is, of course, level 80 now and has been for a long time. He got his epic flying mount and has explored the entire world, earning him the title of “the Explorer”. He also trained his mining, cooking, fishing and first aid to a maximum of 450. His blacksmithing is 442, but he learned all the available recipes, so it’s effectively maxed. He bought a Titansteel Destroyer in an auction and has been working hard to upgrade the rest of his equipment. He obtained an egg from the Oracles, but it failed the hatch. Now he’s nurturing another one. Recently, the gates of Ulduar have opened, and yesterday, he signed up for the Argent tournament. Pretty soon, Noblegarden will start, so that’s another thing to look forward to.

Also, a new hero was born in Larthas’ shadow, by the name of Sahtral. He is a gnome mage and has reached level 4. He will not progress as fast as Larthas, though.