Larthas has reached level 68. He tried to train his blacksmithing skill, so he spent a bunch of time mining for thorium. He plans to get it to at least 300, so he can continue to train it in Outland. Today, he cleared the east and the north wing of Dire Maul fortress. He wanted the clear the west wing to, but his party disbanded because of other obligations. He will try to clear it tomorrow. Also, his seals now last for 30 minutes!

Larthas has spent the last two days earning gold trough quests and mining. Today he finally saved enough to train his riding skill. That means he is now a proud owner of his own Charger. While doing all these things, he reached level 64. Pretty soon, he will reach level 70, which means it’s time to start thinking about buying Wrath of the Lich King. Money is scarce though, so he won’t be buying it quite yet.