Over the last couple of days, I haven’t really progressed in any game. The reasons are twofold.

World of Warcraft

I got 7 free game days to try out the new patch and maybe get hooked again. The gist of it is, I didn’t. I installed the patch, tried out the game, even talked to my old guild, but the magic just isn’t there. I might, just might, get the expansion in a couple of months to level the monk, but other than that, it seems there’s no addiction to speak of.


I started a Tekkit survival server with a friend and we have been playing the game a lot over the last few days. Tekkit is an excellent set of mods with plenty of things to discover. There’s really no point to write about this, though. Minecraft is a great game for let’s play videos, but there’s not much I can do with it when it comes to writing. Maybe someone else could, but I don’t have any ideas. In any case, that’s where most of my free time was spent recently.

Brewfest is ON! I went to the Ironforge beer garden and did the introduction quests. Then I did a few beer runs, an add service and helped defend the beer from the Dark Iron Dwarves. After that, I got a quest to go kill Direbrew who was responsible for the attack. I got a group of 3 other people and we went to Blackrock Depths to find him. He wasn’t hard to kill, and we did it four times, but he didn’t drop any mounts. I really want the kodo mount, so I will be killing him every day.

I did get 2 nice trinkets. One is basically a copy of the Mirror of Truth, but it’s named differently so I can carry two now. The second is a nice trinket that grants 175 stamina, which isn’t that important to me, but it can also summon a female dwarf that heals my entire group over time. Hopefully, he will drop different stuff tomorrow. I need to gather a total of 550 emblems in order to get the meta achievement, so I will be busy for the next few days.

I’m still on trial in Burning Aether. We are constantly raiding and I love it. DKP are going up so I will get plenty of loot once I get accepted permanently (hopefully). I’m also trying to complete the Loremaster achievement. I got Loremaster of Northrend a few months ago and I got Loremaster of Outland a few weeks ago, so I’m concentrating on Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. I still need 31 out of 700 quests in Eastern Kingdoms as well as about 400 quests in Kalimdor so I still have plenty to go.

Sadly, Eternal Myst broke up. Due to a personal problem, most of the leadership had to move to another server, so the rest of us decided to part ways. I consider some of these people my friends so it was a sad moment. Luckily, I got accepted on a trial basis to Burning Aether, one of the top guilds on Azuremyst. They raid actively, but also have a social aspect so there is not much pressure to play. I hope to do well on the trial and get accepted permanently.

After a few weeks of emblem farming I managed to acquire my T9 shoulders and a very nice libram. My dps is pretty high now compared to the old guild, but nowhere near the top in the new one. Since I’m on trial, I can’t get any loot from the raids yet, but I do collect DKP so I will be able to get more once and if they accept me permanently. Larthas’ future in this game is very bright.

This is what I played most of the time. Patch 3.2 is live, so I was spending a lot of time with Larthas doing heroics to collect emblems of conquest. I also have about 10 emblems of triumph by now, which I got from my daily heroic quests. Larthas is now pretty much ready for Ulduar25, so hopefully we will start clearing that one soon.

As for Hastral, he didn’t do much, but he did reach level 43. Since the new patch is live, he now has a fast mount. I will probably put him on hold until I get my new gear on Larthas. There is just too much content to play both characters.

Larthas is getting stronger by the day and richer as well (well, it fluctuates). Also, a new hero was born. His name is Hastral and he is currently a level 32 warlock. Hopefully, one day he will be as strong as Larthas.

Also, Eternal Myst is now capable of manning 25 man raids, so there will be plenty of those in the future.

It’s been a while, and allot has happened. I did plenty of heroic runs, including Naxxramas and some raids, which got me lots of gear for my dps and my healing build. I can now heal trough most heroics without problem, but I still lack the mana for longer battles. I was also doing daily quests for various Northrend factions, as well as for Argent Tournament and Outland cooking. I lack 2 Outland cooking recipes, but I have completed most Northrend cooking achievements. I am also an exalted champion of Stormwind, Gnomeregan, Exodar and Darnassus and I will be the champion of Ironforge in two days.

Most Northrend factions revere me now. All I am missing are the Frostborn, the Frenzyheart, the Wyrmrest Acord and the Sons of Hodir. The Frostborn will take the longest, as they only have a single daily quest.