The Binding of Isaac [2] – One Sick Puppy

I didn’t have enough time to actually start a new game, so instead I played a few rounds of the Binding of Isaac, which is probably the sickest game I’ve ever played. It’s also very, very fun.

I didn’t get to far, and I haven’t managed to kill mom yet, but I got to the final battle once and even got hero to bellow 50% health. In this lucky run, I also managed to unlock two characters, Magdalene and Cain. Cain was unlocked thanks to a really lucky roll on the slot machine, which got me a 100$ bill.

Overall, I’m liking this game. It’s something fun to play when I got some time to spare, but not to much. I’m still learning the game and discovering new items, but it gets more fun with each new attempt.

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