The Binding of Isaac [6] – Isaac keeps me cool!

He really doesn’t. I just don’t have the willpower for anything more complex than that. Again, it was hot as hell today, and again, this was the only game I could play.

Binding of Isaac, Steam Achievements.

One Step Closer (Linkin Park works here in more ways than one).

In the end, thanks to the high damage technology, the Cathedral was easy to beat. Since this was the first time beating it with Judas, this makes me one step closer to unlocking the Chest.I did a bit better, though. I only played for two sessions as Judas, but this was enough to beat the Cathedral on my second run. This unlocked another achievement, and another item – The Curved Horn. It was a pretty sweet run to. I managed to get Technology early on, followed by several damage upgrades. I was also lucky with trinkets and consumables. I managed to get the safety cap just a couple of rooms before getting mom’s coin purse, allowing me to get a huge amount of upgrades. I was low on natural health, but lucky for me, I also got the Mitre, basically making me drown in spirit hearts.