The Binding of Isaac [9] – Free, Free Falling

Again, the title should tell you everything.

I’m moving to a new place on Monday, because I finally got a job (!), so I find very little time to play. Isaac was the only game I hanged out a bit, and it was only for an hour.

In that hour, I tried to advance with eve, several times, but all of my attempts failed. By far the best one only got me to the catacombs. I’m really, really having bad luck with health, barely getting any health upgrades. Combine that with the relatively low starting health and the low starting damage and suddenly Eve is almost at the bottom of my “Best Binding of Isaac Characters” list.

The Binding of Isaac Horrible Run

Just horrible!

You might also like:As I said, I didn’t get past the Catacombs, so I didn’t even see mom’s foot in this one hour. It’d be great if I could blame it all on luck, but I’m also extremely rusty, taking lots of stupid damage, forgetting which item does what, etc. Since I probably won’t have Internet access for a while, I’ll have plenty of time to get better during the following week. Sadly, no Internet access also means I won’t be submitting new articles as often, but I’ll be sure to write them anyway, so I can submit them once I’m back online.