Titan Quest – Immortal Throne (PC) (SEMI-COMPLETED)

So the original part of the game is completed. All that’s left now is the expansion. Typhoon was a pain as my character really isn’t that powerful. The Expansion is just a single chapter after the original game. It takes place in Hades as far as I can see. After killing Typhoon, a portal opened which took me to Rhodes. Right now, I need to see the sorceress Medea about something.

EDIT: After fighting my way through a forest, I got to the hideout of Medea. In order for her to help me, I had to get an artifact from the swamp. While doing this I also solved a bunch of side quests. After bringing her the artifact, she opened the portal to Hades for me. The portal actually transported me to an outpost built at the entrance to Hades. This is where I stopped playing for now.