It’s multiplayer again. The Orient is cleared, and we’ve gotten to the second half of the expansion. It’s starting to get really difficult. We still have no problem killing, but the damage we receive has greatly increased. Most enemies can kill us in two or three hits. It is a bit easier than with my first character though.

The game is finished. I crossed the river Styx and fought and defeated Charon there. Now a bridge is built across the river and everyone will have the right to pass. Afterwards, I’ve reach Elysium which was under attack by Hades’ forces. Fighting my way trough, I solved a bunch of quests, and in the end entered Hades’ fortress. In there, I first freed Persephone from her chains and then fought my way towards the throne where Hades was waiting.

Hades wasn’t that hard. I think Typhoon was way harder. The first form was disposed of in a few seconds. The second took a little longer, but it still wasn’t that hard. I was able to just stand and hack away most of the battle. Finishing the game unlocked the legendary difficulty, but I’m not that eager to play it. It’s a good game, but not Diablo.

So the original part of the game is completed. All that’s left now is the expansion. Typhoon was a pain as my character really isn’t that powerful. The Expansion is just a single chapter after the original game. It takes place in Hades as far as I can see. After killing Typhoon, a portal opened which took me to Rhodes. Right now, I need to see the sorceress Medea about something.

EDIT: After fighting my way through a forest, I got to the hideout of Medea. In order for her to help me, I had to get an artifact from the swamp. While doing this I also solved a bunch of side quests. After bringing her the artifact, she opened the portal to Hades for me. The portal actually transported me to an outpost built at the entrance to Hades. This is where I stopped playing for now.

I’ve killed the Telkine in Egypt and then I followed another one to Babylon. There, I failed to stop him from getting the Sickle of Khronos. Right now, I’m on my way to China. My character is level 20, and is slowly starting to get powerful. I just hope I chose a good mastery combo.

EDIT: I’ve reached and crossed over the Great Wall. Right now, I’m in a village at its base.

I’ve played and finished the original before, but I’ve never finished the expansion, so I’ve decided to give it a try. Since I didn’t back up my saves last time, I’ve got to finish the original again first. I’ve just arrived to Egypt. I’m using a combination of Warfare and Hunting masteries, which grants me the Slayer class. I’m using the spear.