Toki Tori [5] – Completed!

After beating Eufloria, I decided to continue my winning streak and try my luck with beating Toki Tori. It took me a while, and plenty of those puzzles made my head hurt, but I managed to complete all the normal levels, which the game counts as me completing it. Of course, there’s a whole bunch of extra hard and bonus levels I have yet to even try, but the game is small, so it can remain on my hard drive for when the mood strikes.It turns out, there’s only four normal worlds in the campaign. The fifth world, called Test Lab, consists of only  three levels made especially for the Valve Portal 2 ARG. These three levels weren’t too hard, compared to Bubble Barrage and Stinky Swamp, so I managed to beat those right after I beat the game.

Toki Tori Collapsing Bridge

The bridge here collapses, so the game isn’t over yet.

It’s a fun game with  plenty of challenge left in it, so puzzle lovers will get an honest recommendation from me. It’s time to try something else, but this game will go on my “Beat 100%” imaginary list.