No new game today, and nothing of importance with the games I’m currently playing.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth

I gave a shot with one of the extra game modes I unlocked during the campaign. Bagdad Mayhem is the actual reverse tower defense I was talking about when I started this game a few days ago. You get some starting cash and need to destroy wave after wave of spawning towers, surrounding a generator. Once the generator is destroyed, new towers spawn, tougher than before. I managed to get to wave 13, out of 18 in total, before I was destroyed.

Toki Tori

The story repeats itself. I tired the level I was stuck on again, and I solved it again. I can’t believe it wasn’t obvious the last time. I managed to solve a few more, but I haven’t completed the world this time, like I did yesterday. Still, I’m getting there.

Titan Attacks

Bah, I hate it. Five or six fresh attempts, but I got nowhere. There’s nothing to write about, really. The last zone is hard.