Mini Ninjas, Part 1 (BROKEN)

So I installed this one after I completed Braid. It seemed like a fun little action-platformer with stealth elements. The enemies are funny and the game looks great in a cartoony sort of way. I played trough the tutorial, found Futo and reached a checkpoint where I decided to exit the game and take a break.

About an hour later, I try to load my game and it loads fine but the frame rate is below five and there are artifacts all over the screen. So I go online, scan trough the forums, any other related message boards, google and I find nothing. It’s like no one even plays this one on the PC. I start experimenting and discover that if I change resolution in the main menu before loading the game, everything is ok. I decide to give the game a chance even though it smells of bad port and, to be honest, I really enjoyed it until a few minutes ago. I went through all 4 bosses like a breeze, got all of my ninja friends and escaped the avalanche. Since I got all but one magic scrolls, I assume I’m extremely nearing the end of the game. So I find the passage to the next level, go through it and the game crashes. I run the game again, go to the main menu, change the resolution as usual and try to continue where I started. Guess what? Since the game forces a stupid single-slot auto-save method, the save got corrupted and now it crashes on loading. Now I’m stuck with an uncompleted game and mad as hell. I am deleting this one from the hard drive and I’m not looking back.