Pokemon Soul Silver – 3. Five Gyms and Grass Starters Still Suck

The Olivine city gym leader was having a problem with a Pokémon at the local lighthouse, and asked me to get him a cure from the next town. While there, I also defeated the local gym leader (my grass starter still wasn’t useful). The cure did wonders for the Pokémon, so the gym leader could battle me. It was a steel type gym though, so I decided to try and catch a more suitable Pokémon.

I went past the gym five town and traversed the route to the Pokémon Safari. I caught a Vulpix and a Krabby on the way there, but I also decided to make a round through the Safari Zone to catch a few more random Pokémon. This got my catch count to about 25.

Next I tried to train Vulpix and Krabby, but it took too long so I just cleared the gym with my existing Pokémon. It wasn’t too hard but it wasn’t easy either. This is where I stopped playing. After all of this, I can surf and fly so I guess Lake Rage and Mahogany town are next.