Avernum VI – 4. Not Ready for the Abyss

The Spire Fortress lies on the path to the Abyss. It was under bandit control so I had to clear those out. I’ve found the emissary from the dragon inside and he said that there is another dragon servant somewhere in the Abyss and he is the one that has the message for me. I also killed a bat demon there.

I went to the Abyss, first did a few side quests in Spire and then went to Baghra. The warlord there has a few screws loose and doesn’t let anyone out of town. Even the farmers can only work on their farms and are forced to sleep in town. I’ve found out from townspeople that he is holding the dragon servant captive somewhere outside of town. I managed to find the prison, free him and kill a bunch of guards on my way out.

Everything else in the Abyss seems a bit too difficult so I brought the message back to the cycle to get deciphered. While this is being done, I got three new missions in northern Avernum, around Silvar and Cotra. This is where I will be going next.