I’m done with this game for now. It’s a great and fun game and I really like it but the bugs are just too many to ignore. It literally crashes every few minutes for me. It can happen anywhere at any time. Until a proper patch is out, I will not play this game.

This one got released recently and, since I loved the first one, I got it as soon as possible. I hope to complete it this week, unless it’s much longer than the first one. I don’t remember if I played the first one on easy or something, but this one feels much harder. I actually have to hide and carefully plan my strategy before engaging enemies.  It’s loads of fun to play like this so I consider the difficulty a big plus. However, there is no real penalty to dying as there is always a vita chamber nearby so if you don’t care, you could just keep rushing in over and over again and pass an obstacle that way I guess.