I’ve completed this one a few days after the last post about it. It wasn’t that hard. The game is your typical C&C game; very little real strategy and lots of emphasis on speed and rushing. The campaign is what I play these games for. The live action cut scenes are so bad, that they’re awesome. If you’re fast, I would recommend you to rent the game. You can finish the campaign pretty quick, and then you can return it.

I decided to give it one more attempt. After downloading the patch, I didn’t get any crashes after completing missions, but I did get one randomly. I completed the Soviet and the Allies campaign during the past few days. I got to the second mission of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

I played up to the sixth soviet mission. This was a lengthy and annoying one. After about an hour of play I finally completed it, but then the game crashed. Off course, it didn’t save, so I tried it again. After another 40 minutes (this time I was prepared), it crashed again. To hell with it! It’s not that good of a game. I really don’t think I will be playing it again. I can always watch the cheesy campaign movies outside the game.