Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing several things.

First of all, I’ve finished my master’s degree paper, which means I’m so close to my master’s degree in computer science, I can almost taste it. Right now, my mentor is reading it and soon he’ll tell me which parts I need to polish a bet. Once that is done, I will be sending it to print and will soon hold a presentation of the subject. Once that is out of the way, I will have earned my master’s degree. It took me seven years, but I’m finally there.

Another thing I did was getting ready for Diablo 3. Sadly, the store at which I preordered had some shipment issues with Blizzard, which means both me and a friend of mine are now forced to wait another two weeks before we can get the game. Luckily, I managed to get a guest pass for both me and him. Unluckily, the guest pass is for the Americas region only.


Thirdly, I’ve mostly been playing DOTA2. I got an invite for both myself and the above friend so we play a game or two every evening. He’s stuck in Germany right now and he barely speaks the language, so this game is his main source of entertainment. We both still pretty much suck at it, but the game is fun anyway. The community is very slightly better than League of Legends, but at least you can do more about it, via the report/commend system.

Valve has recently released the in-game store which offers mostly cosmetic bonuses and items. The fun part is, you can also get items by leveling up, which means there could be something great in store for you after every game. As of right now, all I have is a single treasure chest and a piece of gear for my Dragon Knight.

Diablo 3

As for Diablo 3, there has been controversy, but none of that bothers me really. Sure, there are some valid complaints about the game (and a whole heap of invalid ones), but those really don’t affect me, so I think I’ll greatly enjoy the full game once I finally get it. I already enjoyed the beta, as well as the Standard Edition to great extent.