I’ve been waiting for this game for a while now. It’s a crossover between Heroes of Might and Magic and Civilization, very similar to Masters of Magic and Age of Wonders. What it does way better than those two, however, is the city building and the heroes system. You can place various buildings yourself, so you can make the cities look very nice. You can also design your own units and buy equipment for your heroes.
Your channeler, which is your starting hero/leader can also marry and start a dynasty. You can then marry of your family members to foreign countries to improve your diplomatic status and maybe even get a shot at succession. They can also become leaders or heroes for your armies. The research is more in the style of Galactic Civlizations or even Alpha Centauri. You choose an area to research and, once it’s done, you can select a specific tech.
The cities can be big or small, depending on where you build them and what you use them for. The game also slightly nudges you to specialise your cities, as you can accumulate resources much faster that way.
First I started a few normal maps and I pretty much got my ass handed to me. After that, I decided to try the campaign, but I had problems with bad performance and random crashing. Then I found out there’s a patch, so I downloaded and installed it. The performance got a bit better, but more importantly, I didn’t have any crashes any more.
Anyways, it turns out that the campaign consists of only a single map, so I’ve completed it pretty fast, but it seems that more “Books” will be added in later patches. This is why I won’t be adding this game to my completed list.  Just consider it as another Civilization clone – something I have installed most of the time and play for pure fun every now and then.