Gothic - Cover, Box Art

I bought the (Heavy) Shadow Armor

I started out at the Old Camp when I loaded up Gothic today, so I decided to just go ahead and give 1200 ore to Diego for an armor upgrade. Thus, the Shadow Armor replaced my Shadow Dress and further increased my protection. For some reason, the game calls it “Heavy Shadow Armor” in the dialog menu, but not in the inventory. I was also sitting on ten unspent skill points, but I decided to save those for the next level and then spend 20 skill points for the second level sword fighting skill.

Gothic - Heavy Shadow Armor

The shadow armor was a definite upgrade and I have nothing to spend the money on anyway.

I Tried Out My New Gear

My primary mission was to go to the Sect Camp and figure out what they’re up to, but before I did that, I decided to try my luck and test my new equipment on some stronger monsters. As it turns out, this was well worth it.

I can now kill wolves and lizards with ease and in two hits. Blood flies and anything below that falls in a single hit. I also tried killing a lurker and I can quite easily do it, though there might be some danger if I tackle more than one at a time. The strategy here is similar to the one I had with the lizards before I got the armor upgrade. I need to hit the lurker once, then block one of his attacks and immediately hit it again.

I tried snappers to, but they still do quite a bit of damage. Even though I knew better, I also saved my game and tried attacking a shadow beast. As expected, I still can’t even scratch it. Its health bar literally does not move when I hit it.

I Did Some Questing in the New Camp

I decided to go to the New Camp and take care of that lurker that’s been doing damage to the dam. It turns out that one was slightly stronger than the regular lurkers, but since it was alone, I had no trouble killing it. On the way there, I also tried my luck with a gang of black goblins. I can kill them quickly, but their AI causes them to surround me, so it’s tough fighting them in big packs.

Gothic - Lefty

Lefty was a thug who forced me to deliver water to the peasants. Now I’m stronger than Lefty.

While I was at the new camp, I took care of a guy I was told took a hut for himself without asking anyone. The mercenaries didn’t like that so the reward for taking care of him was that I was allowed to use the shack for myself. I also cleared that drug den below the camp, but I didn’t find anything worthwhile in there.

I Got Killed by the Undead

On the way back, I took a turn into an area I didn’t explore yet. The first thing I saw there was a monster that looked like a chained snapper, called a biter. I killed it and got 120 XP for it, but I can’t help thinking it was part of some quest. It definitely looked unique.

Gothic - Biter

I may have killed someone’s pet.

A short distance to the biter, there was also a shrine with a crypt below it. I charged into it and about ten seconds later, I was reloading my game. The crypt had several skeletons and a zombie in it, so I was taken care of like a newbie.

Gothic - Undead Crypt

Don’t mind me. I entered the wrong house.

Doing all of that got me an extra level so, with twenty skill points, I went back to the Old Camp to learn the second level one handed weapon skill. I can now swing my sword even faster and can even do a circular attack, though I didn’t quite figure out how to do it yet.

I Spoke to Y’Berion

I made my way to the Brotherhood, killing monsters I missed during my previous visits. Once there, I was told by Lester that Y’Berion wants to see me, which meant I was finally allowed into the temple.  I immediately went to him and got next mission. I also got to Chapter 2! Yup, I was thinking I’m getting close to the end and it turns out I’ve only completed the first chapter of the game. I guess Gothic is longer than I thought, which makes sense, considering there’s plenty of enemies I have no chance against yet.

Gothic - Y'Berion

What they do with women within the barrier is “uncomfortable” but it’s realistic.

My mission was to acquire one of the five focus stones. The focus stones are artifacts used to create the barrier and Y’Berion knows where one of them is. He sent a novice to get it, but the novice didn’t report back yet, so now he’s sending me. By the way, Y’Berion’s accent is not what I expected.

I Went and Got the First Focus

In any case, he gave me a map that I needed to follow to get to the focus stone, so that’s exactly what I did, killing more monsters along the way, mostly wolves, scavengers and blood flies. The missing novice was right where the focus was supposed to be. It turns out, the novice went a bit cuckoo, claiming the Sleeper spoke to him and told him to keep the focus to himself. He attacked me, so I defended myself and took him down. I looted him and took the focus, but I didn’t kill him, so he was able to run away.

Gothic - Nyras the Novice

Nyras has gone bananas, so I had to take him down, temporarily at least.

Side Note: Fighting NPCs in Gothic

The above might need some explanation. You see, when you fight NPCs in Gothic, defeating them only knocks them unconscious. You then get a short chance to loot their body and take their weapons, but after that, they get back up. That is, they get back up, unless you decide to attack one more time while they’re down. In that case, you actually do a killing blow and that’s it for the NPC.

I took the focus and brought it back to Y’Berion, which got my more experience and another level. I also got an Amulet of Fire Protection as a reward and was told to take the focus to Cor Kalom, the alchemist. That’s what I’ll be doing next time.

I Discovered New Things

One more thing, though. I encountered three new monsters for the first time. There was some sort of beast at the mountains close to the Brotherhood camp I can’t remember the name off. It’s killable, but it does a lot of damage, so I didn’t bother. There’s also a pack of orc hounds in the woods between the Sect Camp and the location of the first focus. Those are probably easier to kill, but since it’s a pack, they aren’t worth the trouble for now.

Gothic - Shipwreck

I’m very interested in that ship, but the fire lizards are too strong.

There’s also a beach close to the focus, with a shipwreck and some fire lizards. They do far too much damage to be worth the trouble right now, and I’m not even sure how to block them. Maybe my new Amulet of Fire Protection will help, but I didn’t get a chance to try it yet.

Gothic - Cover, Box Art

Today, after a few days of not playing Gothic, I loaded up the game and felt a bit lost for a few moments. A quick look at the title of my latest posting refreshed my memory, though.

The Old Mine

I decided it was time to go to the mine, but I had no idea where that was. That didn’t matter, though, because after about 15 minutes of hunting random monsters, I basically stumbled into the mine. So where is the Old Mine? Probably the easiest way to get to it is to go to where Drax and the other hunter are standing on the way from the beginning of the game and then follow the hill next to the forest until the mine entrance is visible. It really was as simple as that.

Gothic - The Old Mine

The mine is at the base of the hill next to the forest between the Old and the New Camp.

In any case, I got into the mine and started exploring it. It sort of acts like a smaller quest hub, with several NPCs and a few short quests. The quests mostly consisted of tricking guards into leaving areas unguarded so either me or some other digger would be able to steal. This meant I had to bribe people, like and sneak around a bit, but overall it was worth about 300 ore, so I would gladly do it again.

Gothic - Orc Slave

They have an orc slave working the foundry at the bottom of the mine.

I finally got to the bottom and found Ian, who was in charge of the mine. He gave me the list Diego wanted and my “Trial of Faith” was basically over. Before I went back to the Old Camp, though, I decided to take a pit stop at the new camp, to see if there are any monster books to be bought. I bought a book about Blood Flies in the Sect Camp and this added a new, valuable item to the Blood Fly loot list, so I thought it might be a good idea to get more books as early as I can. I didn’t find any, though, so the pit stop was for nothing.

The Shadow

Back at the Old Camp, I spoke to Diego, got a level and was sent to Thorus, who then allowed me to enter the inner ring of the camp. In there, I spoke to a guy named Raven, who led me to Gomez, the leader of the Old Camp.

Gothic - Gomez

Gomez is an asshole, but he’s got a cool throne room.

Gomez is an asshole, basically. I actually had a hard time figuring out what to say to him that wouldn’t cause him to rage and kill me. Once I did figure it out (don’t lie, don’t be sassy), I was finally accepted as a Shadow of the Old Camp. I spoke to Raven (or is it Revan?) and he gave me my first official mission – I need to get to the Sect Camp and figure out what the Brotherhood is up to.

Gothic - Battle Sword

I got a nice sword…

Before I did that, I went and spoke to the Fire Mages, to give them the letter I was supposed to deliver. It turns out, the letter was addressed to a mage that went rogue and built a tower in the Orc Lands, so there’s nothing I can do about that. The current leader of the Fire Mages was still pleased, however, so he gave me a Ring of Strength (+5 Str).

Gothic - Shadow Armor

…and an even nicer uniform. Ignore the lady.

I also stopped by the local blacksmith and bought an awesome new sword. It’s a Battle Sword and it does 33 base damage, while only requiring 13 strength. Considering I also got a Shadow’s armor with my new title, I will now be kicking major ass!

I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Gothic - Cover, Box Art

All that monster slaying in my yesterday’s Gothic session got me a level and a half of experience, but I was still a level or so away from getting strong enough to become a full-fledged member of the Old Camp. I figured, other camps are waiting for me to impress them, so why not do it and get the rewards? I don’t have to become a member after I’m done.

Impressing the Brotherhood of the Sect Camp

I went to the Sect Camp first, mostly because I barely explored it the last time I was there. I found it confusing and I was in a hurry, so I skipped it.

Gothic - Skull

I stumbled into this giant skull randomly. There’s a gate in the mouth, but I can’t open it.

This time, I thoroughly explored the entire camp and found out what I needed to do to impress them. The alchemist I need to steal the recipe for Dexter from is also the camp’s boss, pretty much. He wants me to impress at least four Baal’s to be considered for acceptance. The Baal’s are the guru’s I’ve mentioned before and most of them won’t even talk to me right now.

Gothic - Brotherhood Temple

I’m not allowed to enter the sect’s temple yet.

Instead, I spoke with some of the novices and other low ranking members of the sect, until I finally got a quest. One of the novices was supposed to be replaced on the job by another guy, but instead of showing up, he was getting high and sleeping at home. I hit him a couple of times with my sword and this made him show up for work. A guru noticed me doing this, so he spoke to me and gave me a proper mission. I was supposed to get the next shipment of weed from the swamp and deliver it to the alchemist.

Weed Farming

Of course, he wouldn’t tell me where the weed farms are, so I had to scour through the swamp on my own. I found the first farm nearby, which got me 50 of the 100 stalks I needed to deliver. The leader of this small camp said the other farm was on the other side of the swamp, so I naturally misunderstood him completely.

Gothic - Baal Loony

There’s a Baal at the first weed farm, but I’m not sure he’s a real Baal. He definitely smoked too much weed, though.

I thought he meant “the other side of the camp”, so I made a circle around the entire camp, before getting back to the farm and feeling silly. On my second go, I tried going deeper into the swamp, dodging swamp sharks, killing blood flies and avoiding the edge of the barrier, which was dangerously close. I finally found the other farm at the very edge. Before I got there, I saw some random guy get chased and killed by swamp sharks. I can’t deal with these monsters yet, so I wasn’t able to help him, or loot his corpse, for that matter.

They wouldn’t give me their shipment, though. First, they wanted me to kill all the blood flies nearby. While doing this, I managed to nearly get myself killed by jumping into the barrier. I got hit twice, but I managed to stay at near zero health and survive. I got the shipment and delivered it to the alchemist (I really need to start writing down names). While I was there, I also took the opportunity to pick open his chest and steal the recipe for Dexter. He was so distracted with his work, I didn’t even have to steal.

Gothic - Swamp Shark

The swamp sharks are to strong for me. This scene did not end well.

I went back to the guru who gave me the quest and he told me I have his vote. He also gave me a sleep spell, which I immediately used to impress another guru, as I was told to do by someone in the camp. All I had to do was to put one of his students to sleep. Being able to use magic was impressive enough for that one.

Recruiting Dusty into the Brotherhood

I had one more guru I knew how to impress, but for that, I needed to go back to the Old Camp. There was a guy named Dusty there, who asked me to check out the Sect Camp and tell him about it, because he was considering defecting there. A guru wanted me to find him more recruits, so this guy was perfect.

Gothic - Blood Fly Book

This book taught me how to extract stingers from dead blood flies. Of course, I got it after the swamp.

I got back to the Old Camp, spoke to Dusty and also gave the recipe to Dexter. Dusty asked me to escort him to the Sect Camp, but he also needed 100 ore to bribe the guards because they wouldn’t let him leave. I figured 100 ore was worth whatever experience I get from the two quests, so I agreed.

Gothic - Character Sheet

This is me right now. You don’t level a lot in Gothic, but every level matters.

Since I already cleared the route to the Brotherhood, there was no danger for Dusty, so this was an extremely basic escort quest. I finally got him to the Sect Camp (he moves a bit slower than me, so I had to wait) and this got me a total of 750 experience, 250 from Dusty and 500 from the Guru.

Impressing the Old Camp

Three out of the four gurus were impressed now, so I decided it was time to go back to the Old Camp. I got a level, so as soon as I got back, I increased my strength to 41 at Diego’s. I was now confident I can beat at least Kirgo at the arena, so that’s exactly what I did. I got 250 experience for this and according to Diego, I impressed everyone I could at the Old Camp. All that was needed now was Diego’s test of faith. I needed to go to the Old Mine, but I have no idea where it is.

In any case, I won’t be doing that yet. I think I’ll go impress the guys at the New Camp first. I want more experience!

Gothic - Cover, Box Art

So far in Gothic, I’ve been to the Sect Camp and I’ve been to the New Camp. Neither impressed me. The Sect Camp are a bunch of always high, overly religious types and the New Camp guys are mostly just thugs. I mean, sure, the Old Camp guys are also mostly thugs, but at least they’re thugs with a cool armor. This is why I decided to join them. I wasn’t anywhere near that point, though.

Impressing the Old Camp

I still needed to impress Fingers, Dexter and the arena master whoose name I forgot. Fingers wanted me to learn a thieving skill (I opted for sneaking), so I needed to invest a whole level of skill points into that. Dexter wanted me to obtain a potion recipe from the Sect Camp and the quest log was strongly hinting at me stealing it, so I probably needed sneaking for that as well.

The arena master wanted me to win an arena battle. I tried challenging the New Camp fighter, but I failed miserably. He basically took me down with one swing of his weapon. Then I tried challenging the weakest fighter there, the one from the Old Camp, but he also beat me without any issues. Obviously, I needed one more level’s worth of skill points invested into strength to. This meant I needed two more levels in total, and I was sort of out of the easy quests to solve.

Gothic - Arena

This guy took me down in one swing.

Monster Slaying

I decided to roam through the area between the three camps, killing anything I’m able for a while. My session was mostly spent this way. First, I went towards the new camp, because I remember there being plenty of mole rats and scavengers in the region. At this point, I could kill those with no danger for me. I could also tackle wolves quite easily and even kill lizards, as long as I’m very, very careful.

How to Fight Lizards?

Actually, the lizards gave me a lot of trouble, until I figured out the way to fight them. They love to retreat from being hit, which blocks my damage. The trick is to block their first attack and then quickly swing before they’re able to get away. You can’t block forever, though, because then they just break through the block. Blood flies can be killed in a similar fashion, though I don’t need a lot of strategy with those any more – they’ve become easy enough as it is.

Gothic - Dead Mole Rat

Quite a lot of things died today.

Just as an estimate of how many monsters I killed, when I came back to the Old Camp, I had over a 100 pieces of meat, a bunch of wings and plenty of skins.

Of course, I also stumbled into brand new monsters I had no chance against. Lurkers are extremely rare and I can actually do damage to those, but they kill me in two hits and I barely scratch them, so there’s no point in trying those. I also ran into a couple of snappers (they look like dinosaurs). These guys have a huge aggro range, so it was very annoying trying to get to the weaker monsters around them. They also kill me in a single hit, so I’m not even close to being able to beat them.

Gothic - Snapper

This about sums up my encounter with a snapper…

Lastly, I stumbled into one monster I won’t be able to beat in any foreseeable amount of time – the Shadowbeast. These guys are, from what I understand, some of the toughest enemies in the game. There’s one of them in the woods between the Old Camp and the Brotherhood. I tried attacking it just to see if I can scratch it, but I didn’t even get a chance to hit it. Luckily, their aggro range is much smaller compared to the snapper’s, so I managed to clear most of the scavengers, wolves and blood flies around them.

Gothic - Shadowbeast

…and a Shadowbeast

All of this took me well over an hour and gained me about a level and a half. I got back to the Old Camp and spoke to Fingers, hoping he’d teach me how to sneak. Apparently, the master thief of the Old Camp can’t do that. Instead, he sent me to Calvalorn, a hunter in a hut on the way to the New Camp, just down the first hill.

Gothic - Cavalorn

See that chest behind Cavalorn? He will teach me how to steal from it.

Cavalorn taught me how to sneak for a cost of 10 skill points. I immediately repaid the favor by sneaking through the back of his shack, looting his chest, taking the key to his storeroom and then looting the store room. This got me a bow, a nice amount of arrows and a bunch of ore and other stuff. Now that I can sneak, I’ll get real rich, real soon.

There’s time for that later, though. For now, I needed to take a break, so that was it for today.

Gothic - Cover, Box Art

Last time in Gothic, I learned a lot of new skills, got a hunting teacher, practiced sword fighting and then finally visited the Sect camp at the Swamp or, how they call themselves, the Brotherhood.

Thorus and Diego

Now I was back in the Old Camp and I finally had a conversation with, I guess, the highest ranking guard in the outer ring – Thorus. He made the requirements for joining the new camp official. I need to impress several people buy doing favors, getting strong, learning skills, etc. I already impressed a few, but I still have more than enough to do.

Gothic - Thorus

Thorus can also be bribed to let me into the inner ring, but it’s not worth the 1000 ore and the missed experience.

Thorus sent me back to Diego, who asked me to go fetch something from the mine, which will give me his recommendation. He was also now willing to increase my Strength and Dexterity, provided I have the skill points. I used the opportunity to increase my Strength by eleven points, all the way up to 21, because this directly increases my damage.

I got some extra are and decided to invest it in my first armor – a pair of digger’s trousers. This increases defense from weapons by 10 (or 15?) and defense from fire by 5, so I can now survive better to.

With these two things, I am now able to dispatch scavengers and mole rats without any issues. I can also kill a wolf if I’m careful and I can get rid of blood flies easily, though they can still kill me if I get swarmed.

Modrag and the New Camp

Thorus also had a favor for me. He wanted me to somehow get rid of Mordrag, who is a member of the new camp. Apparently, he steals their stuff and then sells it back to them, so they can’t have any of that. I went to talk to Mordrag and told him what’s up. He gave me an option. I can try killing him, which won’t end well for me, or I can follow him to the New Camp, to keep my options open.

Gothic - Modrag

Mordrag uses a bow, like a lot of members of the New Camp.

Either choice accomplishes my goal, so I chose the latter. The way to the New Camp was much easier than the road to the Brotherhood, with mostly scavengers and goblins along the way. I took note of some landmarks I’ll pay a visit to later, but I didn’t go far from the main road for the most part, because I didn’t have a lot of play time left and I wanted to get there before I’m done.

The New Camp is sitting on top of a dam, next to a lake. They have a mine of their own and a group of mages of their own – the Water Mages. I actually told one of the Water Mages about the letter I have for the leader of the Fire Mages, interested to see if there’s some rivalry, but he simply told me I have the option of joining the New Camp and then getting in contact with the Fire Mages via a regular communication route they have. I guess mages don’t plot against each other in Gothic.

Gothic - Magic Book

I bought a book of spells, but it only contains descriptions, nothing else.

I explored most of the camp, got some quests, gained a level and learned acrobatics. I even went to their mine to check it out and gave water to the rice farmers. I learned two things. Firstly, their plan is to gather as much ore as they can and then detonate it to destroy the barrier. Secondly, other than the mages, almost everyone else in the new camp is an asshole, especially if they’re in a position of power.

I decided to join the Old Camp

It was night time again, so naturally, I decided now would be a good time to try and find my way back to the Old Camp. This time, I strayed away from the path quite a lot, which got me some experience and loot, but also got me some reloads. The first one happened soon after I left the New Camp. To the left of the primary entrance to the New Camp, there’s a cave with a laboratory and a bunch of people in there. As soon as I got in, I was attacked by one of them. I’m guessing I stumbled into someone’s meth lab or something.

Gothic - Old Camp Horizon

It was morning by the time I got back to the Old Camp.

I moved on along the road to the Old Camp, getting lost several times and even stumbling into the forest I was told not to get in because it was too dangerous. Eventually, I saw the outlines of the Old Camp, albeit from a whole different direction than the one I was supposed to come back from. The net result is the same, so it doesn’t matter. I’m back at the Old Camp, I have a bunch of quests and now I’m free to roam and kill monsters.

Gothic - Cover, Box Art

First Big Game Crash

My second session of Gothic was relatively short and it was made even shorter by a crash. On my first try, I decided to make a full circle around the old camp, killing scavengers along the way. I was hoping this would get me some experience and, more importantly, meat I can cook and sell. This is exactly what I got, but as I got back to the city and started trading with Dexter, the game crashed, so I lost about 20 minutes of my time.

Scavenging Skills and Sword Fighting

On my next try, I started saving often. This time, I checked my inventory and realized I have quite a bit to sell already. I traded everything I could for ore and then went out of the Old Camp’s front gate to pay Drax for some training. I repeated this cycle of hunting, trading and training several times, until I eventually learned all four of the scavenging skills. I can now extract teeth and claws, skin animals and gather other parts I can sell. I figured this would be the best way to spend early money – to make further accumulation of money easier.

Gothic - Level 1 Sword Fighting

I’m a bad-ass with a sword now, holding it in one hand and all.

I also spent 50 ore to learn the first level of sword fighting. As I said before, the character system of Gothic seems simple, but the way the mechanics work makes it extremely complex and interesting. For instance, learning the first level of sword fighting allows the hero to swing much faster and hold the weapon in one hand. It makes the game easier, but it also creates room for more skillful play. Basically, it synergizes both with the mechanics and the player.


I also spent some time trying out smithing. You can buy metal rods from the smith and, through several steps, turn them into crude swords. These can then be sold at a profit of 10 ore per sword, so it’s a valid method of getting money, but overall, I think it’s mostly available in the game for flavor.

Gothic - Smithing

This is probably the worst smithing screenshot I could have taken.

To the Sect Camp (The Brotherhood)

Once I did all I could in the Old Camp, at least for the time being, I talked to a Cultist and asked him to take me to his camp in the swamp. This is basically an escort quest, but instead of me trying to keep my escort alive, it’s the other way around. The cultist was much stronger than me, so I basically abused this and used him to kill a bunch of enemies along the way to the Swamp Camp, mostly lizards, but also a wolf and some insects. This, with the added reward of completing the escort, got me close to the next level and placed me in a brand new location I needed to explore.

Gothic - Sect Camp Escort

Baal Something earned about half a level of experience.

The Swamp Camp was definitely a religious place, if you consider smoking weed all day a religious thing. The cultist specialize in picking various smoke-able grasses they then sell to the other people at the prison colony, or even export outside. Each cultist also gets their daily dosage, which got me to a quest where one of them asked me for mine.

Gothic - Sect Camp

A swamp and some religious freaks. Not my cup of tea, but there’s experience and ore in it.

There are also teachers, called gurus, that I can’t talk to, but have to impress in order to join them. As I said, I don’t intend to join this camp, but there’s no reason not to do the quests for the experience and other rewards.

Back to the Old Camp

Once I explored most of the camp, I decided to go back to the old camp. I had to do this by myself this time, so it was a scary trip, especially because it was night time and there was rain. I took a bunch of wrong turns and nearly got killed by a pack of wolves, but eventually, I saw the outlines  f the Old Camp on the horizon. I got in, found the shack assigned to me and used the bed to rest until morning.

Gothic - Old Camp Home

Home, sweet home…

In my next session, I’ll work on getting my strength and dexterity up, so I can tackle stronger enemies. I also intend to buy an armor, or get it some other way. My only protection right now is an amulet I got off a corpse (+5 protection from weapons).

Gothic - Cover, Box Art

For those not familiar, the basic plot of Gothic goes like this:

There’s a prison under a magical barrier with prisoners pretty much free to govern over themselves while in there, but unable to ever get out alive and with an arrangement to mine some special ore in exchange for stuff from the outside. The player is a fresh prisoner, just sent into the prison. Before he got sent inside, he was slipped a letter for the leader of the Fire Mages within the prison and that’s it. No name, not much further plot.

Gothic - Diego

I didn’t get a chance to fix my Windows 8 issue here yet, so you get a crappy screenshot.

I actually like games with an anonymous protagonist, so this works for me, especially if there’s a prophecy to be fulfilled or something like that, the way it is with the Elder Scrolls series.

Meeting Diego

There’s a lot of characters in Gothic and, so I probably won’t remember most of them, but I managed to remember Diego. Diego is a denizen of the Old Camp and his job is to greet fresh prisoners. He basically introduces me to the prison and the inner politics.

The deal is, the prisoners split into three camps. The Old Camp still does the mining and gets most of the sought after outside stuff in exchange for the ore. They are probably the best equipped in there, but they aren’t really interested in changing the status quo. The New Camp has separated from the Old Camp and they’re actively trying to find a way to escape from the prison.

Gothic - The First Chapter

Sorry, still not fixed.

The Swamp Cultists are religious freaks. They found some entity they consider a god and they believe this thing will give them a way out of the prison and also grant them powers or something. I’m not completely sure yet, but I think I’ll either go with the Old or the New Camp when I finally join a faction. Religious freaks really aren’t my cup of tea.

Diego is part of the Old Camp, so his description was obviously biased. He told me who I need to talk to when I get there, pointed me in the direction of some discarded gear and sent me on my way.

I did some exploring around the landing area and found a pickaxe. This is not a very good weapon, even for the first one, but I don’t have a choice, really. From what I understand, the way weapons work in Gothic is that they have a strength requirement, and the more you surpass that requirement, the faster you can swing that weapon, up to a certain point. I might be completely wrong here, but if that’s true, then it’s probably in my best interest to pick a faster weapon instead of always going for the strongest one.

Gothic - View From the First Cliff

I fixed my issue here, so I could finally enjoy the nice view.

With the pickaxe, I did some more exploring and climbed a nearby cliff. On the top, I found two juvenile scavengers, a couple of mole rats and a goblin. The rats and the scavengers are beginner monsters, so they were easy to kill. The goblins, however, I remember from one of my earlier attempts at this game, so I was pretty scared when I attacked it. Somehow, I managed to kill it with a bit of health remaining, though, so I could freely enjoy the great view from the top of the cliff.

I went back down to the other side of the canyon, picked up a rusty sword, which is a weaker, but a faster weapon, and killed the last mole rat there. On the way to the Old Camp, I also killed a couple of meat bugs and got their meat for later.

First Time at the Old Camp

The Old Camp is arranged into several (two or three, I’m not sure) levels, with only the outer level accessible to me right now. I explored it in a circular fashion, talked to everyone and got all the quests I could.

Gothic - The Barrier Sky

The Barrier looks great in the night sky. It provides a lot of atmosphere.

One of the people there wanted to buy an ornamental sword from a merchant, but the merchant wouldn’t sell it to him, so I played mediator. Several guards wanted protection money from me, so I picked one and gave him the 10 ore he wanted. I think I need to pay all three to be protected everywhere, though.

There was an arena there to, as well as several people from the Cultist and the New Camp, trading and looking for recruits. The head guy at the arena wanted me to win a match in exchange for his good word with Diego. Several other people also wanted favors in exchange for their recommendation. Getting enough recommendations would make me an official member of the Old Camp, but even though I’m still not sure which side I’ll pick, I’ll do most of the quests anyway, for the experience and the rewards.

Gothic - Frying Food

Frying scavenger meat over a fire. More atmosphere!

I found a frying pan over a fire and fried all of the meat I picked up from the scavengers and rats I killed. I remember this being very impressive back when Gothic was first released and it still holds its own now. I mean, sure, there’s alchemy in other games, but there’s an actual animation of frying the meat in this one. It’s a nice touch.

With all the exploration and quest solving, I finally got my fist level, so I traded most of my good away for ore and then gave the ore to some New Camp hunters outside, in exchange for them to teach me how to scavenge dead monster parts. I can now extract claws and skin animals. I still have two more to learn, so as soon as I get the money, I’ll come back.

Gothic - Mole Rats

It took me several attempts to clear these guys without dying, bit it made it all the more satisfying.

I also explored the area outside the Old Camp and climbed some cliffs. In one of the caves, I found a dead guard and reported it to another guard inside the camp. This secured me another recommendation. In another cave, on top of a cliff, I found basically a hermit. He used to live at the Old Camp, but then just decided to get away from it all.

I also spent far too much time trying to get down from that cliff. The controls in Gothic really have room for improvement. I kept taking from steps and falling to my death on my way down. I need to say something outright, though. Unlike many, I’m fine with the way Gothic handles combat. I’m OK with those controls. I just think the movement and jumping needs work.

Gothic - The Character Screen

The character screen looks simple, but there’s a lot of complexity hidden in there.

I actually spent a couple of hours doing all of this, so I decided to take a break at this point. There’s a lot to explore in the world of Gothic and I’m looking forward to it. It’s a great game that just happens to be rough around the edges.

Gothic - Cover, Box Art

Surprise, surprise, made me buy another game. This time, it was Gothic. Last time I played it, I just discovered the possibilities the internet offered me, and so I managed to download a RIP of this game on a 56k dial-up connection. It weighed about 100 MB, so it took me about two nights (and a big Internet bill) to download it. It hindsight, this probably wasn’t very smart, but that’s why we have hindsight.

Gothic - Windows 8 Full Screen Issue

This is what I got when I started the game. Unacceptable!

In any case, pretty much everything was ripped from the game, including voices, videos and higher level textures. Even with that in mind, I had a lot of fun with the game. I never completed it, though, so I decided to get it the proper way this time. The problem? Windows 8 has issues with Gothic.

Gothic Full Screen Problem on Windows 8 and How to Fix It

For some reason, on my Windows 8 machine (might also be on Windows 7), the game refuses to stay in full screen. Instead, it keeps resetting to a 640×480 windowed resolution. Even worse, the windowed mode doesn’t work properly so the game keeps crashing.

Thanks to (which is an amazing site), I managed to fix this issue. I actually had to download the Application Compatibility Toolkit and install a fix in order to get around this full screen/ window issue. These days, the fix has been updated, so all you need to do is to download and run the batch (.bat) file from the wiki.

Gothic should now work correctly in full screen. If you have Gothic 2, an added bonus is that the sequel should now be fixed as well.

Now for me, while the full screen mode was now working, the game still refused to remember the resolution settings, so I had to fix that to.

How to Force Any Resolution in Gothic on Startup

This part is simpler. What you need to do is to create a shortcut to Gothic.exe and put it in any place you like. Once you have it, right click it and go to Properties. You should have something like [code]X:\InstallPath\Gothic\system\Gothic.exe[/code] in the target field. Turn it into [code]X:\InstallPath\Gothic\system\Gothic.exe –zRes:1920,1080,32[/code] to make the game run in 1920×1080 resolution at 32-bit color. Of course, you can put any other resolution in there. Most of the standard resolutions should work.

Gothic - Shortcut Properties

You need to add something to the “Target” field, not “Start in”.

There’s also a possibility that your install path has spaces in it. In that case, your path will probably look something like

[code]”X:\Install Path\Gothic\system\Gothic.exe”[/code] What you do in this case is to add the extra stuff at the very end of the string, so it looks like [code]”X:\Install Path\Gothic\system\Gothic.exe” –zRes:1920,1080,32[/code] If you put it inside, it won’t work.


I have to admit, I’m a sucker for Gothic style games. This one has all the fun of Gothic  1-3 with the graphics of the third game and without the crappy engine. I installed the game and played it exclusively until completion. It has its quirks, but all in all it was a great experience. Hopefully this won’t be the last of the genre.