Gothic [6] – The Old Mine and the Shadows

Today, after a few days of not playing Gothic, I loaded up the game and felt a bit lost for a few moments. A quick look at the title of my latest posting refreshed my memory, though.

The Old Mine

I decided it was time to go to the mine, but I had no idea where that was. That didn’t matter, though, because after about 15 minutes of hunting random monsters, I basically stumbled into the mine. So where is the Old Mine? Probably the easiest way to get to it is to go to where Drax and the other hunter are standing on the way from the beginning of the game and then follow the hill next to the forest until the mine entrance is visible. It really was as simple as that.

Gothic - The Old Mine

The mine is at the base of the hill next to the forest between the Old and the New Camp.

In any case, I got into the mine and started exploring it. It sort of acts like a smaller quest hub, with several NPCs and a few short quests. The quests mostly consisted of tricking guards into leaving areas unguarded so either me or some other digger would be able to steal. This meant I had to bribe people, like and sneak around a bit, but overall it was worth about 300 ore, so I would gladly do it again.

Gothic - Orc Slave

They have an orc slave working the foundry at the bottom of the mine.

I finally got to the bottom and found Ian, who was in charge of the mine. He gave me the list Diego wanted and my “Trial of Faith” was basically over. Before I went back to the Old Camp, though, I decided to take a pit stop at the new camp, to see if there are any monster books to be bought. I bought a book about Blood Flies in the Sect Camp and this added a new, valuable item to the Blood Fly loot list, so I thought it might be a good idea to get more books as early as I can. I didn’t find any, though, so the pit stop was for nothing.

The Shadow

Back at the Old Camp, I spoke to Diego, got a level and was sent to Thorus, who then allowed me to enter the inner ring of the camp. In there, I spoke to a guy named Raven, who led me to Gomez, the leader of the Old Camp.

Gothic - Gomez

Gomez is an asshole, but he’s got a cool throne room.

Gomez is an asshole, basically. I actually had a hard time figuring out what to say to him that wouldn’t cause him to rage and kill me. Once I did figure it out (don’t lie, don’t be sassy), I was finally accepted as a Shadow of the Old Camp. I spoke to Raven (or is it Revan?) and he gave me my first official mission – I need to get to the Sect Camp and figure out what the Brotherhood is up to.

Gothic - Battle Sword

I got a nice sword…

Before I did that, I went and spoke to the Fire Mages, to give them the letter I was supposed to deliver. It turns out, the letter was addressed to a mage that went rogue and built a tower in the Orc Lands, so there’s nothing I can do about that. The current leader of the Fire Mages was still pleased, however, so he gave me a Ring of Strength (+5 Str).

Gothic - Shadow Armor

…and an even nicer uniform. Ignore the lady.

I also stopped by the local blacksmith and bought an awesome new sword. It’s a Battle Sword and it does 33 base damage, while only requiring 13 strength. Considering I also got a Shadow’s armor with my new title, I will now be kicking major ass!

I can’t wait for tomorrow.