I’ve completed all of the 39 episodes and this unlocked five more. Now I have to finish these. I already finished one of them. Apart from the last level, the episode was quite easy. I’m hoping I’ll finish the rest of them today.

EDIT: I’ve completed the rest of the episodes, and now the game is officially finished (I got the credits). I’ve also unlocked everything in the unlockables list including the golden ninja. This is a great and challenging platformer that I recommend to everyone.

I’ve managed to finish all but two episodes. The two that remain each contain a really tough level that I can’t seem to complete. One requires wall jumping off movable platforms surrounded by mines, and the other is a long section with many simple parts that combine in a near impossible whole. It’s not completely impossible, but it takes skill and practice.

I got this one yesterday. It’s every bit as great as the flash version. I’ve finished a total of 34 out of 39 episodes, each containing five levels. I think the game is a bit easier on the DS. I’m guessing this one will be completed soon.