World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Part 12

Sadly, Eternal Myst broke up. Due to a personal problem, most of the leadership had to move to another server, so the rest of us decided to part ways. I consider some of these people my friends so it was a sad moment. Luckily, I got accepted on a trial basis to Burning Aether, one of the top guilds on Azuremyst. They raid actively, but also have a social aspect so there is not much pressure to play. I hope to do well on the trial and get accepted permanently.

After a few weeks of emblem farming I managed to acquire my T9 shoulders and a very nice libram. My dps is pretty high now compared to the old guild, but nowhere near the top in the new one. Since I’m on trial, I can’t get any loot from the raids yet, but I do collect DKP so I will be able to get more once and if they accept me permanently. Larthas’ future in this game is very bright.