Elite Beat Agents (DS), Part 2

I’ve completed Cruisin’ difficulty. Yesterday, I completed Breezin’, and I was one level short on completing Cruisin’. I’ve also completed the first five stages of Sweatin’ difficulty. I’m about 350k points short of getting the next rank, so I’m hopping ill get the next bonus stage. By the way, the first bonus stage was “Believe” by Cher. Judging from the credits, that leaves the songs “ABC” and “Survivor” to unlock. I wonder which one will be next.

After completing a level, I finally have enough points for the next rank – Three-star Commander. Unfortunately, this isn’t the rank that I get a new song on. Only 3.7 million points needed for the next rank. Hopefully, that will be the one.

By the way, I got a blister from playing this game. I guess that means I need to take a break from stylus games for a while.

EDIT: I’ve finished a total of 13 stages on Sweatin’, and have finally unlocked the next rank – King of the Beat. This has unlocked a new song, “ABC”. It’s one of my favorite oldies. I need 3.5 million points for the next rank, but I probably need to advance to the final rank to unlock the last bonus song. King of the Beat is rank 6 and judging from the rank list I still have at least six ranks left. The good thing is, that songs on Sweatin’ provide over a million points each easily (more than two millions if played near perfectly).