The Binding of Isaac [10] – I’m so over Eve…

…because I finally cleared the Cathedral with her. After many, many failures I had with this character, it was bound to happen. I started a run today, completely refreshed, hoping it would help me play better. It didn’t.

Fortunately, where brains are missing, luck can still exist. First I got some damage upgrades, which made it much easier. Then I got lucky by having a barrel and an exploding enemy spawn in rooms with tinted rocks. This got me a couple of extra spirit hearts, so I could stay alive longer. With my first fifteen cents, I managed to score the Book of Revelations from an early shop.

Since I apparently suck at this game, I wasn’t really accumulating hearths, though. Lucky for me, a friendly Judgement gave me the Blue Candle for just four cents total. I was careless enough to trade it for my Book of Revelations and this made all the difference. With the bandage I got at the start of the game and the speed of clearing rooms with the candle, I managed to get enough hearts and spirit hearts to get to mom. I killed her and she dropped just enough health to get filled back up.

The Binding of Isaac Achievements

I still have plenty of achievements to go through.

The last incident of pure luck was when I picked the correct direction to find the boss room in the Cathedral. The candle made a hard battle much easier, but I still only managed to win with one heart left. It still counts, though, so there’s no reason for me to play with Eve again any time soon. Of course, this is a game that will go to 100% eventually, so I’ll have to beat the chest with her at one point to, but for now, I got ??? to tackle next. There’s Maggie and Samson to, but ??? will be the tough one.One last lucky drop, the Emperor card, which I got a few rooms before mom, was the key to my victory. You see, the Womb had Curse of the Labyrinth, meaning I could basically skip two levels worth of rooms and get straight to the bosses. Death was the first boss and he was relatively easy to deal with. It Lives was even easier, and I actually managed to get out of that battle with more health than what I had when I entered.