Air Conflicts: Secret Wars [3] – Poland

After getting some stability and organizing some things around my work and living place, I’ve finally managed to squeeze in an hour of gaming. Air Conflicts was as good a game as any to do this with, so I managed to clear the fourth chapter – Operation Belt.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - Briefing

While there are slideshows between some missions, most of the time, all you get is this screen.

It was easy, for the most part, with no losses and only a few close calls. As usual, the voice acting of the main character is atrocious, but the rest of the cast is decent enough. I’ve been communicating some more with Night Owl, and I’ve met another one of DeeDee’s father’s army buddies, who told me a bit more about the legendary pilot.

I’ve also unlocked two new planes, one of which I like a lot for its speed and agility. It lacks firepower, though, so I won’t be using it too often.